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The Importance of Sufism

The Power of our Belief

The Importance of Realizing Spiritual Unity
Why Societal Development is Dependent upon
the Realization of Spiritual Unity and Divine Love

The Cause and the End of Suffering
Why Self-Realization is Not an Attainment

The Cause of our Problem
The Four Noble Truths

On the Meaning of "Experience"
More on the Significance of Progressive Development

What in the World Are You Thinking About?

The Unity of World Thought
Discussions on the Use of a Universal Vocabulary
Integrating the Teachings of Christ, Buddha and Muhammad
The Expansion of Vocabulary as a Means to Furthering Self Realzation
The More Words We Know, the More We Know about Ourselves
The Concept of Salvation in World Religions and Spiritual Paths

Practical Aspects of Salvation
The Working out of Salvation is an Individual Responsibility
Atonement as a Yogic Principle
If You Want Salvation, Teach It.
Salvation is based on Atonement
This course (ACIM) is concerned only with atonement, or the correction of perception. The means of the atonement is forgiveness, (the forgiveness that only God can give). The structure of the "individual consciousness" is essentially irrelevant because it is a concept representing the "original error" or the "original sin". To study the error itself does not lead to correction, if you are indeed to succeed in overlooking the error. and it is just this process of overlooking at which the course aims.

The Power of Belief as the Antidote to Fear
We All Hear and Know that Fear is the Only Obstacle
Fear Is Based In False Belief. The Antidote to it is Correct Belief
How Do We Establish Correct Belief? - Scripture and Experience

"And what is fear, except love's absence." ACIM-WII.3.2.3
"Now mistakes become quite possible, for certainty has gone."

In The End, It's All About Belief. Faith is what you believe, but belief is the actual investiture of energy into what you believe which makes it real for you. A statement of belief is not really belief. It's only a statement. It's quite possible to state that you believe in something without really believing in it. You may even believe that you believe, but that too is not the real belief. Believing that you believe is the biggest self-deception, for you are in actuality only telling yourself a story about yourself. "This is my belief", the pundit says, hoping to intrigue you with his piety and wisdom, yet he is only self deceived. A real test might be to see if he is free of fear, for one power of belief is that it is the antidote to fear. God knows if you believe in Him or not.

Faith has two meanings. One is as a noun, i.e. your faith is what you believe, and also a noun as in an investiture of faith, or how much faith do you have in a person or that something will occur. To have faith means to trust.

Belief has similarly two meanings, maybe more. "It is my belief" means the same as, "it is my faith", although the latter tends to have a more religious connotation. We do not as a rule say, "it is my faith that Johnny will come to the party tonight", although we might more commonly say, "it is my belief…"

However, 'belief' has another more powerful meaning as in scriptural quotations saying that "as you believe, so shall it be", and commanding us to believe, and telling us what to believe. That makes belief a choice of the free will and an investiture of energy into reality. It is something that you can choose to do or not to do, as well as choose your target for the investiture of the amount of energy you chose to invest in it.

Now that's a powerful understanding and worthy of investigation. For it is our wasted investiture of belief in untruth that we want to reclaim so that our sincerity may be placed in Reality, that it may manifest and come to fruition.