An Explanation of the Third Rule of Healing
"If I Stay Focused, You'll Get It!"

"Conveying Reality" is simply my discipline of staying focused.
But focused on what? That's what you learn by taking the course.

Put into words, "Conveying Reality" is simply my discipline of staying focused upon "the Truth in Which we Abide", which focus thereby giving you the chance to see it also.

The Three Levels of Knowledge
or -
Why it is likely you do not really know what I'm referring to.

Without trying to insult your intelligence, I'd like to point out why It is possible that you do not really know what I'm referring to even though you may think that you do. There are three levels of knowledge, the first of which is usually considered to be the sum-all and totality of the matter when it is in fact only the tip of the iceberg.

This assumption is often the simple fault responsible for most senses of failure in life - insufficient depth of investigation - simplistic assumption of understanding without proof or confirmation. We "think" we understand when in reality we do not. And due to our egoic reasoning, we will not investigate any further possibility. Even more so, we think we can understand simply by reading and study and without any genuine practical proving experience, i.e. we will not put it to the test.

With insufficient preparation for life, is it any wonder that we do not reap the expected and hoped for results? Why not be certain? Why not be willing to take it all the way?

So! As this above-mentioned Truth begins to dawn on you, your natural "resistances", which are nothing more than previously thought useful (or not) self-definitions, will of course re-attempt to assert themselves. They are testing you to see how willing you are to stay focused in the Reality and let them go - i.e. if you need them any more. If you "pass the test" they will disappear and be gone. They are not to be fought or argued with, simply allowed to dissolve in the love and compassion that you show them, which they will and want to do.

If you do not pass the test, don't beat up on yourself. Simply recognize that God Knows Best, and that their usefulness has not yet run its course as you had hoped. It's OK. They've served you well before and accepting them in a new light is a big step toward getting to where you can let them go.

This is why sitting still in focus (on the Truth of the Reality in Which we Abide) is the right practice, and why it's SoulWork, the "Work That We Do!" Because, in reality, that's all that our Souls, like God, do. Even though their fate may hang in the balance, they remain still, watching, and compassionate. By sitting still in focus, we are "One-ing" with our Souls, and doing good, no harm. That's why healing yourself is healing the world.

And it's Not always clear. That's why we practice. So "Just Do It!" No Reactions, No Thoughts, Just Stillness.

Conveying Reality is the very beautiful practice of my staying in My Healing Reality aiding you to discover, stay in and benefit from yours. We do it together, that's what makes it work. And that's what I call staying focused.

Now, you might ask, "How do I stay in my own reality and what do I focus on?"
And Again I say, that's what you learn in the course.

And it's not just because I want you to take the course. I do, but for reasons other than you might think. The course will put you in touch with the reality in a way that no words can. And the reflection will insist on your seeing that which you do not want (have rejected) in a way that you cannot because you do not want to. But it is a loving reality, and a genuine love brings true understanding, and true understanding brings a genuine love and appreciation. And that which you do not want to see becomes visible in a loving, easy way, and is allowed to pass with love and genuine appreciation, not forced out of hatred and self-loathing.

All the masters have said that there are no words to describe the reality. That it is too close and words take you far away. But that it can, nevertheless, be perceived, with the right training and focus, and is in all cases, inescapable.

And also, there is the little problem of ego. No matter how many words I use to describe the reality to you, because it is what ego has been trained to avoid and has still much hidden vested interest in avoiding, you simply will not go there, on your own, without help. That's why I'm so adamant about enticing you to take this course with me. Number one, because I love the work. Number two, because if I do not, you may never discover this, and it's truly wonderful! It is the Source of Joy and Happiness! It's got to be what you are deeply looking for.

But, if you are staunchly in your ego, the more clearly I point out to you what the reality is, no, the more clearly you understand what the reality is, the more cleverly and obstinately you will devise the means to avoid it. That's why we get sick. That's why we go to healers. That's why we prefer doctors who will prescribe medicines and who have neither the time, interest or skill to ask us about our "other" problems that might be holding us back from a perfect healing.

That's why the science of Sufism, (Arabic: Tasawwuf or self purification) much like the science of psychotherapy, is a specialized and not commonly accepted science. Specifically because people don't want it - even though they are acting on it's principles in every moment of their lives!

So we get sick. And we use that as an excuse to take a rest, maybe seek some knowledge, and possibly get well.

It is so uncool and irresponsible to be sick, yet all of us are. And at the same time as we are desperately doing everything in our power to cover it over, make it "invisible", make it "go away", it just won't. And then we believe deeply that throwing more money at it is the answer, which puts more stress on us to earn more money, which becomes increasingly less possible because time is running out and we're becoming weaker faster than we can earn the money to buy the medicines to make us strong again.

Sound Familiar?

Yet I guarantee - That if you will take the ten-week self realization course with me, you will see as clearly through this problem, both in yourself and in others, as I do.

And this is not an individual discovery. This is the same problem and the same solution that has been talked about throughout history in every genuine spiritual teaching that has reached us throughout the ages. This is just my personal discovery of it for what it is, and my offering of it as a means of continued practice and a livelihood for those who are prepared to take it.

And yes, you can find it in many other places. And yes, there are some truly great teachers "out there". But it's still you, and wherever you find yourself, there you are. And I'm sure that you will find no faster or more cost effective method offering the depth of certainty and clarity that I offer anywhere else. And if you do, I urge you to go there and take it. I continue to love and benefit from sitting with teachers who are more or even less experienced in this art than I am, and I do it at every affordable opportunity.