I'm happy to talk with you as much as you like by phone. Time may be sometimes an issue but we can make it work. We can discuss anything you like that you feel will help you to understand the nature of what ever it is about you that interests, perplexes or plagues you.

Common topics of interest to most everyone are:

Success, Prosperity, Poverty, Time, Money,
and Increasing Capacity to Earn,
God, Religion, Surrender, Spirituality, Paths, Goals,
Health, Illness, Disease, Healing, Modalities, Modern Medicine,
Education, Work, Learning, Teaching, Career, Job, Goals,
Sex, Love, Marriage, Relationship, Parenting, Children, Childhood,
Psychology, Death, Suicide, Abuse, Anger, Violence, Issues,

And Many More. I'm sure you have your own favorites.

Why I am Willing and Happy to do this

# 1. I want to be of assistance to you and do not want to let your sense of poverty or cost get in the way.

# 2. Poverty and Prosperity will certainly be one of the things we will be talking about since it is probably an issue for you if you are in need of free counseling. Health and Healing results in an increased capacity to earn. The point of desiring to increase your capacity to earn is to be able to afford, in time and money, services such as mine. Since my healing service is part of my livelihood, it serves me well to get you to the point that you can afford it. And, I'm willing to put in the work to get you there. And, I don't expect it to take a long time. But, whatever it takes, I'll stay with you as long as you stay with me.

Of course I expect you to recompense something as soon as you are able, and I'm sure you will want to. It's only the natural act of gratitude, the need for which will also come up, I'm sure. That's why I'm willing to take the bet on you, or on anyone. We generally get what we expect, and I expect that my service will be so helpful, and pay off so well, that you will quickly discover the means and the desire to pay me for it. And if not, then I haven't served you very well, which might happen, and you obviously owe me nothing for nothing.

# 3. My first sessions are always free, and you will be offered the opportunity to pay my current rates or any feasible portion thereof.  So it's not like I'm Insisting on working for free, just telling you that I'm totally willing if that's what it takes.

# 4. I cannot bring you to your true Satisfaction with life, until you can bring yourself there. So I have been blessed to offer a 10 week Self Realization Course for which I do charge $100 per hour and a half session,  weekly, to help you Discover, Establish, Strengthen and Confirm Your Own Source of True Satisfaction, as I have discovered mine. This Blessing is easily understood and Transferable, should you care to use it in your business. This is your own wellspring of health and happiness, your own answer to all the questions, and how to help other find theirs.

# 5. This course of true-self discovery requires a certain dedication of time, work and money, and you may need some time to get to the point of taking it. I really want you to have this and I know of no other means to provide it for you except through offering you this course.  So I'm willing to offer you all the support and counseling you need, as long as you realize (and assist me) that my goal is to get you to the point that you can afford and want to take this course. I am so grateful that the vast majority of the world's population is happily not in need of this service, and I am equally certain that there is no one who would not benefit from it.  But there is still, unfortunately, a substantial portion of people in need of help and counseling.

This course will not only help the individual taking it, but empower that individual with a proper understand and means to help others, and offers the potential of snowballing into infinity.

I simply know of no other way, and believe me, I've looked. I have many friends who can scarcely afford $900, and who feel themselves hard pressed for the time and dedication to be able to take the course. But after enough sitting with me and receiving my free and sometimes paid counseling, they came to the point where they realized that it was feasible after all, and took the course. They never looked back and will all tell you personally that it was worth every penny and ounce of effort, and more. They are happy with it and it serves them on a daily basis in their lives.

The difference between ordinary session healing and the Self Realization Course is like the difference between hiring a fisherman and learning how to fish. As the Sufis say: between learning and learning how to learn.

So, with that in mind, you can see how my "free" counseling is pointed to our mutual benefit, and will surely come back to me in some form or another, and that's why I'm confident in offering it. So give me a call. 618/698-8001.