The Hidden Treasure
( What's Behind Our Emotions? )

Your Reality is not what you think it is. Who we sometimes think we are is nought but illusion built upon illusion.

In front of our true feelings are our judgments around them. Getting past them is not too difficult, but
how do we do that, and why do we have them? If our judgments are avoidances, why do we not want to Feel our Feelings? It's not because we're afraid of them, but we might be afraid of what's behind them, i.e. their causes, and our true emotions.

Behind our true feelings are our true emotions, the ones we are afraid of and don't want to express, but
why do we want to not exxpress them, and what's behind them?

Behind our emotions there is Nothing.

When we reach Peace with Nothing, then we have reached true peace and truly conquered our fears.

But can we do it without help? I don't think so.

This is the Holy Awareness that seeks to be released. This is the Goal of goals, the conquest of which leads to unimaginable riches. This is the depths of Solomon's mines.