Natural and Spiritual Force combine to bring about healing. This is because God has written for Himself that His Mercy shall outstrip His wrath. Personal beliefs about life and responsibilities get in the way. Surrender causes relaxation resulting in the dominance of the  Natural and Spiritual Healing Force. Resistances to Surrender, caused by personal beliefs around responsibility, get in the way. If the resistances are greater than or given preference over the Surrender, personal force is used to overcome, causing stress to the system, and will eventually be overcome through wearing down the system, and dis-ease results eventually.

If, however, the Surrender is allowed full access to the body, healing, happiness and prosperity will result. A Spiritual Healer facilitates Surrender. Surrender results in joy, happiness and prosperity.

Teaching Surrender manifestly facilitates relaxation and release of anxieties. It is done through a twofold process. Part of it is teaching about God and the attributes of Mercy, Forgiveness and Benevolence, a
nd part of it is teaching about the self, showing the way to love, forgive and accept the resistances so that the messages of self love and self-preservation that they carry will be heard, allowing them to leave the body peacefully, mission accomplished. The path of non-resistance, or Surrender, is at present a quite radical departure from the common understanding, although it has always been the way of the wise.

This second half of the twofold process arises when the first is accomplished or substantially begun. It is called facing your fears and getting started is very scary at first, that's why it's the subject of every mystical mythical journey in the ancient Greek theater and literature. In particular the path taught by empedocles, the teacher of all the  patrons of western civilization.

When the heart is free, the Soul speaks. The only thing keeping the heart and soul in bondage is fear. Knowledge of God sets the heart and soul free. This is why the greatest healers are the ones with the most knowledge of and direct realization of God.

"Who knows himself, knows his Lord."

Why SoulWork?

Freed Souls can see clearly the problems of the hearts and the way through them. They can hear the voice or the call or the music of the soul of their friend, student or client, and see her hand in every event in their lives. They can reflect that voice, call or music back in such a way that the friend, student or client can understand. The understanding or hearing of this voice is often impeded by the fears and resistances of the friend or client. That is why she cannot do this work alone. These fears appear in the form of gargoyles, overwhelmingly powerful, to protect the heart from any intruder, even and most especially the self, who is willingly and almost hypnotically under their influence and in support of them. But the freed soul is aware of their true nature and purpose, and can help the student to face and pacify them allowing entrance to the heart wherein communication with the Soul is possible.

With continued faith and trust the freed and confident self will turn over the control and guidance of the body to the soul, allowing her to follow confidently the guidance that she knows is true and received directly from the power of the infinite Creator, whose benevolence and Mercy forgives all pasts and leads one the the gardens of paradise, wherein they shall abide forever, for that indeed was their innate reality all along.

What is SoulWork?

SoulWork is the work that we do. It is genuine communication - not from the dead, but from the living.
Souls Emerge. Even though they're born into life with the capacity for full awareness, what I call the "Shock" of birth is enough to knock them completely unconscious. So it takes them a long time to unbury themselves, as it were, from the under the mountain of Karma acquired and passed on to them by their parents. But they're still there and much like bashful or frightened children, can be "discovered" through the clues that they leave, and played with gently until they begin to realize that it might be safe now to come out. SoulWork has also been referred to as "Spiritual Midwifery", coaching the emerging souls much the same as a midwife waits for and assists an emerging child.

Is it A new Idea?

It's as old as time. It is probably the most ancient understanding. It is the source and the quest of the spiritual alchemists. It is the red sulfur, the Midas touch, the holy grail, the crystal ball, the source, the force, and the central power of life.

What are the Origins of SoulWork?

It's just reaching maturity in the western culture,
having been forgotten, and thrown out by many of its rightful owners.

References in History and Literature.

How Will SoulWork Help me?

Success is all about our definition of it. The common working model is that prosperity brings success. So of course with that ideology, we focus on prosperity, as is taught in all the "prosperity Consciousness" courses, and for the most part lose sight of the goal of success and what it really means.  Getting caught up in the quest for prosperity always leads to the question, "how much is enough?" It's a endless cycle and eventually becomes the very trap we sought to get out of.  But the Spiritually aware know that it is the other way around, success brings prosperity. So what is this success of which we speak. As I said before, it's all in your definition of it, and it is the best exercise I know to be in continuous quest for the answer to that question, "what does success mean to me?" NOT, "what does prosperity mean to me?" If success is more valuable to you than prosperity, then you will have an imminently valuable (and marketable, should you care to get into the healing profession) tool for guidance and decision making for the rest of your life.

"Success" is defined in the spiritual and healing circles as "Eureka!, I've found it!" meaning the True Self, which has always been the Source of your intuition, hunches and even illnesses and accidents. The true self is as desperately seeking you as you are trying to run from, or to, it.  It is in the end, inescapable, for it is your inescapable and inevitable destiny.

It is that part of you over which you have absolutely no control. It is that part of you that forces you to surrender and therewith the recognition that you have absolutely no control over it. Those who know know that it is to be surrendered to with love and yearning rather than run from with fear and disgust. It is our confusion around our true selves that keeps us confused and running.

So Praise Be to God for the Gift of Surrender, and Sufficient it is as a Gift." (Qur`an)