As obvious as the fact may seem that Surrender works and may in the end be the only thing that ultimately works depending upon your goals, there is a noticeable absence of both the reality and the teaching of this all-valuable and essential subject in almost all lines of work and courses of education, the emphasis for success being largely on material goals using concentration, focus, force and other means of determination. Yet even the attainment of these goals is temporary and dependent upon life span, personal energy and dedication, and once attained, the goal then becomes maintenance, and freedom from the fear of loss. All these energies are spent for what, why and how? And could there not be a better way?

I would like to re-introduce the more than ancient principle of true self-realization as the goal of our success orientation and the means of our guaranteed future prosperity. We've heard it before, but for many reasons not investigated it. But now's the time, is it not?

Since I'm a student practitioner of this topic for quite some time and aiming, as we all are, at mastery of it both as a subject and as a reality, I feel that nothing but good can come from my efforts to re-introduce it as form of panacea for all ills, which I thoroughly believe it to be, and which it also purports itself to be.

For it does speak for itself. Even the slightest practice of it or recognition of it in our life or daily lives will convince one of that.

So, here is the link to a partial list of my "Be Well in Surrender" Series of topics for lectures, essays, discussions and talks. Please pick the topic that most suits the needs and interests of your group or your personal interest.

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I also have several short books and series of essays on my website, including -
  • "The Sufi Approach to Islam: Understanding Spiritual Unity and World Peace in these Troubled Times", which attempts to offer an understanding of Islam from the standpoint of Contemporary Spiritual Psychology and Healing,
  • "Esoterics of the Sufi Way: The Islamic Principles of Divine Realization for Healing the Hearts",
  • "The Corporate Spirit: Spiritual Values in American Business",
  • "Elements of Spiritual Healing: Healing the Heart and Soul through Direct Realization",
  • "Journey to the Soul of Truth: Essays during Self Discovery".
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Surrender is a Practice

So what is this Surrender of which I speak? And why is it not so popular, as I would have it be, or as strong in some as it is in others? The answer is, it is a practice! And we must practice it for it is only practice that makes perfect.

We also mentalize it, envisioning it as a means to getting where we think we want to go. But the books and the teachers will all tell you that the realization is never what we think it is. That's why we need a strong and purposeful relationship with a realized teacher. And the only one who can determine if a teacher is right for you  is you. They don't always come with pedigrees. In fact, the shortage of pedigrees is resulting in a surging influx of new teachers.

If we only practice it, even just a little bit, alone or in society, it develops, and we develop it. It is a faculty, a talent, a skill, a muscle if you will. We have it already and it will develop and gets stronger with exercise.

It is also not a religion. It is a true and faithful freedom from tne need for doctrine or dogma, but not an ignorance of doctrine or dogma. Enlightenment is not a way. We each have our own way. Only a realized teacher can help you to find your way through yourself to yourself. Often you can make it on your own and many do. After all, Allah is ultimately the only teacher.

It's a practice! We learn it! Even though we know it already! We forget. And forgetfulness causes us difficulties, and difficulties cause us to search for solutions or resolutions, and sooner or later the search causes us to remember, and when we remember we surrender, and the practice begins anew, and such is the cycle of learning.

Talking About Surrender - "God Talks"

Talking about Surrender is talking about the self, and that is a topic everyone like to hear. It is also talking not just 'about' God, but actually talking 'for' God, since God talks about and teaches Surrender. "God Talks"! Hence the true "Khalifa", or Vicegerent, Re-presentative, Agent, Spokesperson, Apostle, that we were cut out to be.

Talking About Surrender - A Taste of Heaven

Talking about Surrender just totally sends me into a state of being that can only be compared and in reality must be, the very taste of heaven that the life in this world is supposed to be. That's why the first sentence in my book, "The Sufi Approach to Islam" Says, "This Book will take you straight to heaven". For it is indeed our natural state. Are not babies born in heavenly bliss, mostly? Prophets tells us that children are born in a state of heavenly surrender and it is their parents who take them out! Do we not feel the state of heaven in ourselves? Especially when we look into the faces of children? Don't know about you. But I do.

Surrender - The Resolution of all Difficulties

If everyone, the oppressor and the oppressed, could feel what I feel from talking about Surrender, they would become best friends and bosom buddies immediately.