Relying on Kwan Yin is the essential element for the accomplished practitioner.

Often times we feel inadequate for the job at hand of being patient and compassionate with clients. At times like this it does one well to remember that one is not the healer or even the doer. "Wherever two or more are gathered in My Name", is the key to remembering this.

It takes two to make the chemistry of healing and one cannot prepare for this other than knowing from experience that it always works out better than hoped.

Kwan Yin, the Perfection of the Divine Feminine and the Goddess of Compassion and Healing, exists within each and every one of us. She represents manifestation of the all pervading compassion, knowledge, wisdom and understanding in healing circumstances and she is the hidden driving force behind the Bodhi Chitta which is the much sought after jewel hidden in the heart which appears in (often brief) moments of true compassion.

Learning to recognize and linger in these moments is the art of allowing the true healer (Kwan Yin, the Heart of Compassion) to do her work.

The Smile of the Bodhi Chitta Is the ear to ear grin that you get when you know that your have truly been visited by Kwan Yin. This smile will eventually erupt if you sit long enough in peaceful contemplation. It represents the return of self confidence, knowing and trust.