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Soul Power
Understanding the Power of the Silent NO!

How to Find Your True Love and the Way to Your Success
by Understanding the Truth of Your Subconscious!

The thinking after Surrender is entirely different from the thinking before.

What are you truly driven towards? Are you listening for your soul? Or are you listening to your fears and desires?

These pages are dedicated to an attempt to explain in words what becomes very obvious in consulting, that there is a power beyond our conscious comprehension, often considered negative, yet gently guiding us to our Selves, our True Lovers, and sometimes even forcing us to pay attention to it.

It is this force that often thwarts our desires, just when we think we've got what we want - the force that lets us learn but not exploit, always there, always loving, greatly underappreciated, and often not wanted.

This is the Force of Reality and Truth, always arguing against our fears and desires. This is the force I call The Silent No!

It would not really be called "No", if we were not so driven by Yes!

For what is it that we need to say "Yes" to, since when we relax we realize that all is simply there?

And what is it that we are saying "yes" to, while in the struggle to overcome our "no", except our fears and desires?

Our fears and desires are the cause of our anxiety. Anxiety interrupts and prevents relaxation and true perception.

The Silent No is that which opposes our drives and desires, and challenges the assumptions of our fears. We spend our lives trying to overcome it and in the end never quite succeed.

Read the Tao Tea-ching, "What we resist persists." Why then has all of a sudden the teaching of Surrender become so popular?

We're negative to some things because of our buried truth, and the truth is that we have forgotten desires of our own.

Our Destiny is our true agenda. And we are drawn to what we truly desire. Negativity is relative to something towards which negative feelings are held. We have negative feelings because we associate the memory of negative experience with an idea or thought. If this is considered negative then effort will be expended to eliminate the negative feelings, considering them to be impedances to the supposed positive. But we are really being distracted from the supposed or desired positive by them and investigation proves we need to eliminate all doubt. Where even a bit of doubt exists,

Even the word "positive" includes "posit", "to pose or position an object or idea outside oneself", and by extension, "to suppose (sub-pose)"; take an attitude or position in regard to that which we posit.

But the supposed positive is only supposed. And the supposed negative is (sub-posed to be) in relational resistance to that. But what is it that is causing all this resistance around which so much judgment is needed? What and where is the subjective positive? But what are the true desires? Are they simply judged as selfish and swept under the carpet? Is negative really negative or simply dissociation from the true positive?

Your Soul knows what it wants and is quite relentless in its purpose.

So what are you truly driven towards?
Are you listening to your Soul?
Or are you listening to your fears and desires?

It is only when we are in touch with our true desires that we will be truly fulfilled. And since fulfillment is the wish of every soul, how can we see to the needs of others if we know not how to meet our own?

We cannot find and therefore should neither seek nor hope to find our fulfillment in someone else's desire. And it is only fear and desire that causes us to attempt it. The Silent No is there to protect your truth from your fears and desires. Towards what is your own sense of personal need and fulfillment beckoning you? And let it not be the approval of others.

There's a big difference between fighting off what we do not want and discovering and being attracted to what we do want.

That to which we are inextricably drawn is our destiny. And we know that. It's inside our selves. And if we can get in touch with that, we will be consciously attracted to what we are unconsciously attracted to and that should end the distractions.

That we are unconsciously fulfilling our destiny is irrefutable. What we are doing consciously however is fighting. But in fighting we are putting all our negative feelings in front of us and therefore making them real and powerful by giving them weight and reality. And we are doing that because it's the only way we know how to feel ourselves. We feel ourselves as real; we feel our reality, the reality of our souls, when we are defending ourselves - fighting. So in order to perpetuate the feeling of ourselves we must have and seek an enemy. This is why the Prophet PBUH said upon the return from battle that we are leaving the lesser struggle for the greater.

If we could learn how to feel ourselves in a different way we wouldn't have to fight. But what are we really fighting for? We're fighting for our freedom. Freedom from what? Freedom from distraction. We need the freedom to find ourselves and to find our own way. This is why in the yoga system detachment is the fifth of eight requirements for spiritual liberation.

But do we really need to fight anymore? Can we not simply get down to the work of finding our own true self and its desires? Not until we have our freedom. But we have our freedom. So do we really need to fight any more?

And are we really fighting or are we struggling with demons, with ghosts? Pratyahara - detachment - individuation - spiritual or self realization is the primary goal and the first requisite for true fulfillment.

And how will we use that freedom, by creating more enemies because of the comfort we find in fighting? Or shall we use it for the fulfillment of our desires?

This is not imagining our freedom or imagining all the things we want or imagine we need in order to simulate or approximate or attain freedom. Find the freedom first! And then "all things will be added unto thee." And the True Self, the Soul, is free.

So let's use our freedom for the fulfillment of our true heart's desires, not for the creation of ghosts or enemies to fight. But how can we fulfill what we cannot envision? What if we do not know what our true heart's desires are, having spent so much time fighting and so little time focusing in our true heart? How can we attain what we cannot envision? How can we envision if we cannot concentrate?

If we're feeling ourselves in distraction then we should concentrate on what we really want rather that warding off what we don't want which becomes a self fulfilling prophecy because we're always putting it in front of us as something to conquer or collapse under.

Even the work of finding the self is a requisite of fulfillment for we cannot fulfill the false self. So the true self must be discovered as a requisite to true fulfillment and true fulfillment is the desire of God for all people.

Therefore we must learn how to fulfill ourselves so that we can help others to learn how to fulfill themselves. Such is the service that is being asked of us. Discovering our own fulfillment is the way to helping others discover theirs. So it's our service to humanity to find and fulfill our own needs.

So our mission is to find and fulfill our own true needs, and in order to do that we must find our true self which automatically wins the battle against the false self and its incumbent illusions - all of its clothes.

That we are nothing is the answer to the question of who we are, but it does not satisfy. The question is not one of satisfaction so we must ask one that is. What will satisfy me? How can I be truly satisfied?

We collapse under the weight of what we don't want. We give up because it's an unwinnable fight.

We can never get rid of what we don't want because we posit it in front of us in order to fight.

So what's the solution?


Honoring Your Primal No!