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An Email from Joseph Bednarik

Dear Friends,
A few years back I had the great good fortune of co-editing (with Robert McDowell and Mark Jarman) the book One-Man Boat: The George Hitchcock Reader. As a young publisher, I also worked on George's 1993 novel The Racquet.
I am very happy to report that I have stashes of both these books--and I want to share them with readers!
If you would like a copy of One-Man Boat and/or The Racquet, please email me a shipping address and I'll send one or both to you. No obligation other than to open up, take a look at the kayak rejection and subscription slips, read George's testimony before HUAC, and then settle in for some fine poems, plays, stories, articles, and interviews. (This offer is good as long as I have books to send!)
Also, FYI, here are links to articles from the Santa Cruz Sentinel, The Oregonian, an announcement on the Poetry Foundation website, and Copper Canyon's Facebook post. If you know of any other articles or notices, I would appreciate hearing about them. 
[Copper Canyon Facebook post]: Poet, painter, and famed publisher George Hitchcock died at the age of 96. His lively literary magazine and press, kayak, published many poets that became foundational to Copper Canyon, including Hayden Carruth, Carolyn Kizer, Thomas McGrath, and W.S. Merwin. As Copper Canyon's founding editor Sam Hamill wrote, "I had discovered W.S. Merwin and Charles Simic in the pages of George Hitchcock's remarkable kayak"; a book of Hitchcock's poems, The Piano Beneath the Skin, was published by Copper Canyon in 1978. Memorial services are yet to be announced.[link to SCSentinel]
Joseph Bednarik
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"The truth is, I was very fond of my cowshed. As much as any poem or essay produced in it, it was my invention. I miss it." --Hayden Carruth