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An Introduction to The Primary Mission Theory

"Unhappy people have false beliefs!" ~ Harun Yahya

The essential point of Sufi Psychology and Healing is to be found in understanding our Primary Mission, the importance of its completion and the significance of the absence of its completion.

Based on earlier determinations we can now posit the peculiar Sense Of Separation carried by most human beings as the primary cause for neurotic behavior (including compulsive normality or conformity), the underlying manifestation of which is a seemingly irremediable insecurity manifesting as an unidentifiable anxiety - an unnerving and unrelenting sense that something is always wrong and needs to be fixed.

We can also posit the misdiagnosis of this unrecognized and untreated potentially minor misconception as a remediable neurosis - and trying to fix it - as the cause of all identifiable major neuroses and psychoses, which manifest as ill health and unpleasant behavior in their search to be healed.

Trying to fix the manifestation necessarily denies its root cause. Trying to fix it posits it as real and therefore potentially remediable. From this false belief come all the so-called remedial attempts that have only served to complicate and obfuscate the real problem, which is a perfectly normal and understandable Sense Of Separation.

All illness and unpleasant behavior is a call for help. This could be recognized as an undeniable truth.

If our primary mission is to know God, and God created us for that, then how can we fail if our will is in sync with Divine Will, and the Divine will be done. (as in finished?)

So if Knowing God is our Primary Mission, and it's done already (need I explain?), why do we not feel complete? Why do we still sense incompleteness? (There are several Sufi traditions about children, heaven and parents that explain this.) Why are we still behaving in response to neurotic behavior patterns? Why are we not at peace - in harmony and joy with ourselves and with others? Why do we still have anxieties which lead to ill health?

Clearing our subconscious predispositions - One theory on the cause of recurring Illness is that recurrence is due to residual subconscious predispositions, to which we naturally revert when our guard is let down or when the "coast seems clear.". Observing and clearing these propensities is an important part of the work.

Perfection is an attitude - a vision, if you will. We can adopt it if we choose. We can choose to see perfection, or we can choose to seek for faults. Fault-finding is actually blame. We're blaming the fault for, and to manifest, our dissatisfaction. In order to blame a fault we have to find one - hence fault-finding.

OR, we can choose to see perfection, and can God see otherwise?

It is only from our Sense Of Separation that we seek. If we had no Sense Of Separation we would not feel the need or desire to SEEK Unity. Why would we seek what is already present?

"Unhappy People Have False Beliefs"

If we know it's not true, it must be a false belief.

If the Sense Of Separation is recognized as the fundamental illusion and the root cause of all dissatisfaction, and all neuroses and psychoses are recognized as extensions and perpetuations of this fundamental illusion, then it would stand to reason that the healing of this Sense of Separation would eliminate the primary fault upon which all neurotic manifestations were constructed.

Throughout historical teachings it seems as  though everyone agrees that Unity is the resolution of all problems, and that this Sense Of Separation is the primary agitation that causes acting out and repression.

When we feel One with ourselves everything feel fine. Agitation is an absence of this feeling of Oneness/everything is fine. We then diagnose this agitation and prescribe for it which only distracts us from the cause and posits it as real and somehow fixable.

'Diagnosis and prescription' is the thought form of a mechanic, not of a healer.
Healers look for cause, not changes in the effect.


Bu if we are NOT separate from God, as that is an impossibility, what is the TRUE Source of the Sense Of Separation which causes the agitation, the desire for the cure of which leads us into all forms of neurotic behavior? What causes us to not simply realize this truth and gain the benefit of it?

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Understanding our Primary Mission,
the Importance of its Completion
and the Significance of the Absence of its Completion.