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Contemporary Sufi Healing
Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Surrender Works!
Doin' Your
Discovering the Spiritual 'Soul'ution to Every Problem!
Psychological Awareness is Knowing the Difference Between Authenticity and Denial.

How to Do Your Homework
Clearing, Stillness and The Secret to Success in Zen and Meditation

Affordable Homework Coaching
How to Heal Personal and Family Relationships Through Self-Understanding

A Ten Week Course in Self-Realization
Reality Therapy & Training for Transformational Therapists

Dealing with National Epidemics-
A Sufi Approach to Bulimia, Anorexia, Obesity, Eating Disorders,
Addictions, Depression, Love and Family, Personality Disorders.
Escape from a Hopeless World
A world full of abandoned children, left to find God on their own.

Cancer as Unexpressed or Unresolved Complaint
More on the Primary Mission Theory

Healing Children through Healing Parents
The Primary Mission Theory
What Kids Really Want

A Spiritual Perspective on Addictions

Finding and Filling the Inner Void

Finding True Love and Success
Healing Couples - The Ancient Way

Finding Your True Love & Success Through
The Power of the Silent NO!

"Breaking Up!"
Defining Relationship as the Process of Disentanglement
"If You Love Them, Set Them Free!"

Lose Weight without Dieting
Burning with Love: Self-Recognition and the Spiritual Dynamics of Weight
On The Relationship of Thought Orientation to Weight Loss

Think and Grow Happy

The Fundamental Principle of Healing with Mindfulness
Sitting With Your Dissatisfaction

Intentional Healing with Mindfulness and Insight
The Healing Powers of the Practice of Intentional Contemplation

Joy Begins in the Mind
Understanding our Three Centers of Divine Awareness:
Belly, Heart and Mind

How to Know When You're Home

Kwan Yin and the Smile of the Bodhichitta