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The point I'm going to make today is this.

Consciously witnessing Reality ("al Haaaqah - wa maa adraka maa al haaqah") is the goal of guidance, correction of faith and healing.

Why is this so? Because knowing the truth through conscious witnessing is the highest form of good for humanity. The Finest thing we can do for ourselves and for the rest of the world is to Receive Divine Love and Share Our Source. The conscious witnessing of the Reality of God even briefly or for any extended period of time is health bringing, mind rejuvenating and heartening. And sharing that witnessing, even in the narrative, is helpful to the one with whom it is shared.

Adi Da Samraj, some of you might remember him as Baba Free John, once said:

Good health and longevity are secondary effects
of the fundamental responsibility of a human life, which is,
devotional surrender to participation in the Divine Reality.
Communion with God is naturally regenerative.

So - the conscious witnessing of Reality of God is both the cause and the outcome of 'devotional surrender to participation in the Divine Reality.'

Now conscious witnessing is an exercise and a practice. But it is the healthiest rejuvenating and reinvigorating thing we can do. Far better to exercise the mind in a correct way than to exercise the body (not that that is bad by any means but without the proper mind orientation it can be harmful, as we all have experienced.)

The exercise is of our God consciousness. Now we all have a God-consciousness but like any other faculty, it responds like a muscle - it gets stronger with use and tends to disappear when not in use.

And then there is the practice of self realization.

Finding and exercising your true power for the benefit of yourself and humanity is the height of selfless service and the pinnacle of being a divine servant. Satisfied people do not commit crimes. There is no more fulfilling satisfaction than spiritual satisfaction and a worshipful life provides spiritual satisfaction faster than anything. This is done by discovering and acting in concert with the Divine will, and with that, how can it fail?



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What's the point?

Hypocrisy - the only cause of disease - the cause and the cure of hypocrisy,


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