Finding Spiritual Healing and World Peace in these Troubled Times


Sufism is not just the spiritual psychology of Islam, it is the finest replication of human psychology to be found anywhere. Included in it is all that is of value in any and all religions, philosophies, psychologies and spiritual disciplines. Among the topics covered by Sufism to be mentioned in this work are its understanding of the "Eastern" philosophies and religions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and Zen, its unifying oneness with Judaism, Islam and Christianity, and its verified Qur`anic interpretation of the Meaning of Islam. 

Peace and Unity are possible because they exist, right now, in the moment. Peace and Unity are the manifestations of Divine Energy. This is the same Divine who commands us to Love Him with all our bodies, minds, hearts and souls.  We are either obedient to that command, or we are not. And the penalty for that disobedience is the Fire of Hell, Hatred and War. The qualities of Peace and Unity obviously exist. They exist, and if we really want them, we need only to find it in ourselves to cling to them with all our hearts and bodies, minds and souls. "So if you want money for people with minds that hate, well, all I can tell you is brother you'll have to wait." (The Beatles)

I will also cover in my work the Sufi understanding of this wonderful phenomenon of the "Western Enlightenment Movement", the natural rise of spiritual teachers in the West, and the amazing unification of spiritual and secular philosophies with religions and solid psychological discovery. Also of interest is the "shift" in consciousness to Energetic, Emotional, Spiritual and Divine healing, as a means to correcting physical distress and even endemic diseases. The healing movement has discovered Soul and soul healing is in need of knowledge from the author of Soul, an "owner's manual", so to speak, and the Sufi way, at its very depth, purports to be exactly that.

It is only in this time of need and preparedness through exploration that an exposition such as this might be received and put to its ultimate usefulness. This is the doctrine of liberation by reading, an answer to all the questions. It is an ultimate revelation. It is also an ultimatum. As the Grateful Dead said in their wonderful song Box of Rain, "Believe it if you need it, leave it if you dare." 

In this work on the Sufi approach to Islam, I propose to sum up the human situation as reflected by personal experience, study and practice of all world faiths and disciplines, and observation of current and past states of humanity. I will then offer the classical solution of "Personal Responsibility for Knowledge of Unity and Perfection of Understanding and Belief"

I have no problem discussing ultimate scenarios such as Armageddon, Doomsday, Judgement Day, Religious threats and promises, Heaven and Hell, etc., and I will not argue that they are not real. The basis of my thesis (the theme of my writing) is not denial, negation and separation, but acceptance, proper context, and understanding the unity of all that exists, even the imaginary and illusory. I will therefore show that all of these 'dreaded and dreadful' concepts have their practical place in historical and contemporary situations, and are very real attempts to explain a psychologically provable concept - that mankind is always on the brink of destruction, and pushing the envelope in his attempt to be free of the limitations of life. And that in spite of his 'fear' for the unknown, he continues to explore it in ways that are challenging to his very existence - to self, environment, humanity in general, and especially to "God". That man is both caring and rebellious, and that the underlying motivation for the potential for self-destruction is a discontentment born of a sense of lack and a sense of incompleteness both of self and of knowledge. In other words, arising from dissatisfaction, a Quest for satisfaction.

Even the Quest for the Holy Grail is a manifestation of the desire to drink from it. And what is it that is supposed to occur from this drinking? What satisfaction is it that is sought? Why, the satisfaction of Self, of course. The ability to lay the driving and tormenting motivations to rest. Is this not also to be found in death? Is the escape from self-torment not also the point of suicide? 

I will also explain how these motivations can be satisfied not only by total self destruction, but by religious conversion, a psychological, sociological, historical, spiritual and religious introspection, and by accepting the offering of peace from God in a way that promises to set right the wrongs, heal the wounds, and deliver a future that will guarantee the longevity of humankind forever. 

It is no accident that the sociological background for the Star Trek series is one of a long established human peace. How can there be a real human future without it. 

It falls upon one studied in the western psychology of spiritual unknowingness and search to understand the nature of what's really going on here. This is not a doctrine of repetition of what has been written. It is no mere mental exercise to prove how well one has studied a subject already mastered. This is no less than an original interpretation of events in the light of verifiable science and philosophy, with the goal of presenting a truly Islamic viewpoint on all subjects contemporary. This would be nothing less that a shedding of a divine light on the subject. And what is the subject? The subject is that of humanity and the current human situation. The subject is self, soul, heart, and the secret knowledges of God that only the devout and studious may discover. 

Firstly, the people of the world need to realize that we all need to STOP! Stop! is the place of new beginning. Whatever we are doing, whatever we are thinking, no matter how 'right' and 'well-thought-out' our previous reasoning, just Stop! Just for a moment, or longer still, until peace, happiness and clear-sighted reasoning return to you in the form of a completely joyous and innocent silly grin.

Next - Re-evaluate! From the viewpoint attained by a successful Stop!, begin to review your priorities and what you are in the process of doing. Is it really - 1) what you WANT to be doing, 2) What you NEED to be doing, and 3) the BEST (as in most direct) way to be accomplishing what you really want? 

Chances are you've found yourself caught in hamster cage, seeking freedom by engaging in the actions of a slave. 

Next - Believe! Believe that Divine Providence has in store for you the very best of all that you could imagine, and that it is not at all dependent upon your 'being good", or a "perfection first" attitude. It is quite simply dependent upon your identification of what it is you really want and need, and your inner connection with it, in a way that claims it as yours, to do with as you choose. And this can be done by exploring the truth of Unity, that there is nothing really separate from anything else. This is most easily accomplished by a pure and clarified belief in the Unity (oneness) of God. 

Purifying and clarifying our belief system, or our belief in the Unity of God, is the work of all people and the focus of Sufis. It is then upon us to express our understandings, our learnings and realizations, in a way that makes them accessible and understandable to others. Clarification of understanding is a great help to understanding prosperity, and prosperity is what Allah wishes for us, and we wish for ourselves. A humble prosperity, one that is free of the punishment of fear and the crime of greed. A prosperity built not upon violence, selfishness and self-concern, but upon a unified and common faith in Divine Providence and charitable, kind-hearted acts. 

Surrender to Peace and Unity brings Peace and Unity. Peace offers the opportunity to contemplate and realize the true unbounded nature of things. Contemplation and realization provide an opportunity to restructure worldviews and re-prioritize values. Eventually this will lead to a self-realization that is the key and the beginning point of a new life in an abundant world. And this understanding is the most sought-after prize in life. Everybody wants it, and has it, but nobody claims it, except those who do. And it's simply because we choose to prioritize our values in the powerful light of a well-contemplated Unity. 

After the spiritual involution, the search for Source and Revelation will be the only choice. Everything else is but further rebellion, and are we not sufficiently tired of that? 

Unity (Allah, the One) has a will of its/His own. Is it not evident? Oriental philosophy and Buddhism know of it as the Tao, and the Dharma Nature, the Way of Life. It is the fruit and sustenance of true Surrender, and that is the meaning of Islam. This Will is not only manifestly present in our outward creation but also within creation as a revealed teaching of a belief system and behavior pattern which is guaranteed to bring the greatest degree of success not just personally, but socially and globally. And this Will is manifest within ourselves as the inner motivation of our quest for satisfaction. 

God/Allah/Unity wants us to be happy, but we must satisfy the standards of holy Justice first. It is not difficult, but we must do the work of being free of the harm-causing motivations of fear and greed. This is done by knowing, trusting, learning and understanding.

And this Will, once discovered, is to be taught with and by love and true understanding of the human situation. There is no place in it for anger, frustration, force, violence or vengeance. Surrender to the real life is part of the Will, but instead we are surrendered to an illusion of 'survival' and the maintenance of powerful ego validations. Yet we all know that the very meaning of ego is 'pseudo-self', the imposter, the self who would be king, the would-be self, and we can feel within ourselves, that something is wrong. But iherent in its very "false" existence is the implication of a reality underlying it, which it is attempting, with varying degrees of failure, to imitate. 

But Surrender to The Divine, the Unity of God, Allah! with a genuine repentance for the harms caused by and in the ignorance of separation, is the key to a totally new beginning, in a life where the past is forgiven, and righteousness and human salvation are as obvious as they are inevitable. This is the Sufi Way.