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Contemporary Sufi Healing
Surrender Works!

The Sufi Approach to Islam


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"Ali, if there was ever a time that the Western world needed to read your book on Islam, it is NOW!" ~ Abdul-Lateef Abdullah ~
"An extremely cogent and well written treatise on Islam in the West."

"A 'must read' for any westerner pursuing an Islamic path."
 ~ Salaam Wendy McLaughlin  ~
 "Sufism - The Heart of Islam" Radio Show - KWMR.ORG ( 7-10-06)

"If we Muslims simply see ourselves as healers, not warriors, and see Islam as the medicine, not the weapon, and learn to apply it, like all medicines, with a judicious perspective on the nature of disease and disharmony, then we will be successful in our endeavors to have the world understand the benefits and healing nature of Islam. "



Psychology of the Soul

An Interview

Sufism and the Human Situation

Understanding Current Events and The Roots of Suicide

The Purpose of Struggle is to End Struggle

Understanding the Sufi Tradition of "The Sunrise in the West"

The Sufi Approach to Islam, Spiritual Unity and World Peace

Islam the Easy way (Islam for Dummies?)

The Future is Peace

The Elements of Spiritual Psychology

The Unique Mistake - Assuming the Veil to be the Reality

The Psychology of Islam in Context of World Events

More Important than Learning

Educating Muslims: The Way to World Peace

Remembrance of God Alleviates Insanity
Principles of Psychotherapeutics in Islam

Acceptance of Surrender

The Importance of Eliminating Reaction

The Purpose of Death is Realization

The Road to Wisdom

The Importance of Active Affirmation 
and Confession of Faith in Maintaining Health and Vitality

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Ali Ansari