Finding Spiritual Healing and World Peace in these Troubled Times

True Islam (in the Sufi) purports a just world government. History has shown that when this was actualized, the people of other religions were content to pay a humble tribute to support the just governance of the land. There was never any oppression or policing of others. All this abuse of power that is now occurring in the name of "God" and religion is just that, abuse. It is not in any way the representation of the divine spirit of peace and cooperation engendered by the truly spiritual way. 

Muslims today are so influenced by their own self-concern and autonomy that they persist in insisting that they know all that they need to know and that the rest of life is simply a quest for material and societal wealth and standing. And all the while within this persistence they continue to insist that they are the spiritual people and that it is not they who are indicted by the Holy book when it condemns as foolhardy and destructive the incessant and devoted pursuit of material wealth. 

Islam is a world faith that promises unity with all other religions, world peace and economic and social equity for all. The fact that it is being mal-practiced by people of understandably selfish motivations simply indicates the lack of understanding of the true nature of self that is supposed to be taught in grammar school but has instead been withheld or altogether forgotten, and often for malevolent purposes. Therefore the atrocities that are being committed by the adult children of religions in general are the result of the withholding of knowledge by the greedy and selfishly motivated. Or simply the assumption of knowing what is necessary and needing no more. 

A quest for world domination for any reason, no matter how "noble" sounding it may be, is nothing more than the attempt of an angry, immature, and dissatisfied child to force his will on, rather than Surrender it to, the One who is the controller of the universe and everything in it. It is the opposite of Surrender, and will not succeed. We will reap the consequences of what we sow. If we make Peace we will get Peace. If we make war, we will get war. And Peace is Heaven. And war is Hell. 

There is no separation. The Prophet said that the taking of one life was the killing of all humanity, and the saving of on life was the saving of all humanity. All of humanity is recognized in the self. There is only one Self, and we are all, each and every one of us, that Self. All of humanity is wrapped up in each and every one of us. In killing humanity in the form of one person we are killing ourselves. And that is exactly the motivation that is causing destruction.

Violent destruction is self-destruction, and self-destruction is suicide. Suicide is the manifestation of the desire to end (all) life, and is a form of revenge, pure and simple. It is the motivation for this desire to kill ourselves that needs to be investigated, for it is exactly that motivation that is causing destruction. I am referring here to the misunderstanding of self-loathing that often results in destruction or suicide. 

All destruction is suicide. It is the opposite of creation. It is the self-manifestation expressive of self-hatred and self-loathing. Everything we do or say is self-manifestation. It is self-expression. It is a manifestation of self-love or self-hatred, or somewhere in between. If the power of God were not dominant in creation, people would, of their own inherited tendencies, choose to self-destruct at an even more rapid rate that is presently happening. People are not finding what they want here in this world and are choosing of there own volition to check out and move on. Maybe they are believing in a better world on the 'other side'. Maybe they are leaving to cause pain and suffering here.

The Motivation: Loss of Reality, and Suicide as a means of search. 

The soul of the child knows the illusion and seeming meaninglessness of this superficial and artificial world in which we see our parents and others so dedicatedly immersed. It finds in them and it no sense of validation that it is only an illusion, a game to be played for a duration of time, but not the real life. This causes the sense of a total Loss of Reality, and Suicide becomes a means of search and validation of the truth (of this perception). 

A simple validation of this truth would be sufficient for a soul to decide to stick around and "wait it out" so to speak. But knowing that the ego is only for the purpose of its own annihilation translates into "the purpose of life is death", and leaves one hopelessly in need of a reality check or at least of one positive statement, tragically to be found only in suicide.

(to be continued...)