Finding Spiritual Healing and World Peace in these Troubled Times
"Jihad al-Akbar", "The Greater Struggle"

The Role of Islamic Sufism in Spiritual Psychology and
The Role of Western Psychology in the Propagation of the Real of Islam.

Why we are all Muslims
Defining "Islam" as the simple Surrender to God that we are all used to, 
accompanied by a showing of appreciation for His revelation 
by embracing it in our own way and acting upon it.

The origin and unreasonableness of the fundamentalist demand for "submission".

The difference between "submission" and Surrender

"If the people to whom I have given the religion will not use it as I intended,
I will take it from them, stripping them of honor and give it to a people who will".

The Role of Western Psychology in the Propagation of the Real of Islam.

It is now on the Western commUnity of Spiritual and Psychological Healers to accept, use and introduce the true meaning of Islam and World Peace to the rest of the world. And that includes reintroducing themselves to the Real Muslim world, who eagerly await their help in taming the violent and destructive unruliness of their wayward children. Wayward Children are wayward children. No matter what religion they were brought up in, they will use it and abuse it to their supposed advantage. If their parents cannot control them, or guide them with rational psychological help, then they will be tamed by the ones they choose to be their enemies. Only the consequences of war will satisfy them. It is a tragedy that will change the way humanity looks at religion, and that seems to be the point. 

Muslim society has studied, learned and absorbed everything that Western science and education has to offer, the good and the bad of it. The peace lovers among them, and it is still the 95% overwhelming majority, are willing to accept from a Western concensus, and agree with, a concerned psychological opinion and the help that is offered with it. Particularly if it is couched in a reasonable and conciliating way. Actually it is shown to me that this is exactly what happens, and that it is not the point of this paper to "make" it happen but simply to point out that it IS happening. It is finished. Big Daddy is spanking the butts of the bad Muslim boys, and the rest of the world is applauding and the Muslim world is is in denial that they had anything to do with it, hiding behind the now popularly accepted front to the world that their 'religion' was "hi-jacked". 

No, my brothers and sisters. It was "taught" to them this way, and if not by you, then by the schools and "mullahs" that you turned them over to while you went merrily about you way of "al hakum at-takathur", "the endless quest for materialism". We are all guilty of not being active enough in the search for, discovery and propagation of the "truths" of religion, being lulled into self-satisfaction by believeing that we have, and are practicing, the "Fundamentals", and that that is all that is necessary. 

There is only one way to the true peace, the true Islam. And that is through understanding and teaching the truth of Self, God, Love and Surrender (Islam). 

If the terrorists were indeed rational Muslims, appeasing them should be very simple. The whole world would be able to totally defuse the terrorist attacks by simply professing its reasoned agreement that there is indeed only one God and that Muhammad is without a doubt one of the prophets. Purportedly that is all they want, the rest of the world to Surrender. Unfortunately this is not the truth. Their motivations are deeply personal, having nothing to do with, and deeply camouflaged behind, the teaching of religion. Allah says in Qur`an that if he were to give dominance of the world to a single people they would corrupt it and wreak havoc in the land, and they have already proven themselves incompetent of ruling even their own countries without the aid of terror and forceful coercion. 

It should by now be self-evident that the whole world believes in God in some way or another and that the enemy is within, and that the struggle for surrender and against unbelief is with oneself. That is the entire tenet of the Arabic term "Jihad al-Akbar", "The Greater Struggle", in a nutshell. But the Muslims seem to be the last to catch on. Motivated by the fear of their fathers and the competitiveness of trying to be even better than they already are, they need the world to be their enemy in order to prove themselves. There is an applicable hadith about the people of  religion passing right through its goal as an arrow passes through its target. The Prophet said, "By pious zealots my back hath been broken". They slaughter the peace and kill the religion and themselves with the brute force of their raw conviction. 

If the terrorists were indeed rational Muslims they would not be able to do what it is they are doing. But a malicious interpretation and application of popular religious beliefs, coupled with the grief and despair served by violence and separation from loved ones makes it easy for one to wish for suicide, praying for it and seeking it out in a most malicious and vengeful way. It is this malicious interpretation that can be stopped by Muslims and the world. And this might be started through the unification of Iran and Saudi Arabia, bringing in all Muslim countries involved. 

But the unification must focus on resolving theological, not territorial or political, differences. There is no way that if Islam is truly understood by the Muslims that it cannot fulfill its role of bringing peace and security to the world. It is important for the unified world Muslims to get their religion straight, once and for all. It IS a religion of Peace, and not of war. Learn from and listen to the Sufis. Sufism (the understanding of true religious and spiritual psychology) is far and wide the most popular and acceptable form of presenting Islam in world History. Ahmed Chishti single-handedly brought Islam and a long era of peace to India. As did many other great Sufi Saints to many other regions of the world at many other times. Take up the ways of commitment to Peace through commitment to Peace and Surrender, not through commitment to war. The West and the rest of the world are ready. Nobody wants war with Islam. Everybody appreciates the Truth of religion. Why are the Muslims setting such horrible examples as to drive away the very people the claim to wish to convert? 

If self- and God-realization truly equates to or is the formula for "Salvation" and "Success in this world and the next", and it most certainly does, and it is, as previously stated, the point and goal of all religions, including Islam, and if the meaning of "Islam" is truly and simply "Surrender to God in the commitment to Peace, directly and forever", then it is easy to see how the prophet Muhammad must have known that and done that. And because he was chosen to be the prophet, the revelation of Qur`an with the worshipful ways for believers to follow was shown to him in that state, just as the Peace and God himself is revealed to us in our Surrender. This makes it very easy to truthfully profess the words of witnessing "required " to proclaim one's acceptance that Surrender is the way to Peace, i.e. Islam. 

Even if these words are spoken by an unbeliever to save his life, the law of Islam has it that they must be accepted and his life spared. I'm not suggesting that we are "scared" for our lives and "need" to profess falsely the words of witnessing. I'm stating simply that it is much easier to see a truth than to invent a falsehood. Muhammad is the Prophet of Islam and therefore one of the prophets of God. Accept him as such or not, that is your choice. But it cannot be denied that he is certainly believed to be such by a significant percentage of people who are strongly unified on that point. And that he is the most influential man in history. And that the Sufis and Muslims all over the world continue incessantly to manifest their gratitude to him, and thereby affirm their association, or desire to be associated, with him, by asking Allah's further blessing upon him, even 1400 years after his passing from material life. That's enough to be able to affirm both the truth of his existence, and that he is certainly considered to a prophet by a huge portion of people everywhere. Why would we want to put energy into denying it? Simply accept it as reality and move on. 

We have only our fears to lose, but it is our fears upon which we capitalize in order to perpetuate our way of existence. That's why Surrender is so difficult. For that, we need true knowledge of God. That He did not create to punish. That He places upon no soul a burden greater than it can bear. That He created only in order to be known. That our sustenance is promised by Him already and nothing we can do will increase it or decrease it. That concern for provision is the first step of disbelief. That He loves and cares for all of us equally and invites us to cast our trust on Him.

But if anyone expects that our Surrender to God and Peace, or our "acceptance" of the oneness of God and the prophethood of Muhammad into our belief structure in any way implies that we will then become gullible and malleable in the hands of their personally motivated land and power grabs, then those people are surely mistaken. Again the now-famous words of the Beatles comes to mind. "And if you want money for people with minds that hate, well, all I can tell you is, brother, you'll have to wait." Again Qur`an tells us exactly how it will be. "Inni salati, wa nusuki wa mayahya wa mamati li'llahi Rabbil `Alameen." Loosely paraphrased, it means, "I state emphatically that my worship and my sacrifices, my life and my death, are for Allah alone, the Lord of Creation." A world full of such enlightened (and un-recruited) individuals cannot go wrong.