Finding Spiritual Healing and World Peace in these Troubled Times

A deeper understanding of the conversion principle will show to all that world peace is and can be simply a matter of attitude.

Firstly, We are ALL Muslims (Surrendered). This is true in one way or another and it is for us to find the way to understanding and explaining that.

Point one: The Prophet stated plainly and clearly that All Children are born in a state of Perfect Trust and Surrender (Islam), and that it is their parents, out of their own fears and concerns, who make them into something different. 

So our innate nature (Surrender to the will of God) is still present, simply lying 'dormant', if you will, in waiting to be awakened. This awakening is now the 'realization' that psychological and healing investigation points to as being the 'shift' that takes place in the beginning of 'spontaneous' remission, or 'miracle' healings. This 'awakening' can occur 'spontaneously' (it is, however, always attributed to the will of God), or be catalyzed by the presence of one who is committed to 'the work' of bringing it out in others. That's why it is "Divine".

So in that sense, in the sense that the true surrendered self lies innately within us, awaiting a call, so to speak - 

Point two: We are ALL Surrendered beings, if to nothing more than our nature in the moment. But our nature changes from moment to moment, which proves that all our natures exist simultaneously within us. We can choose from moment to moment the nature to which we will surrender. If we will only choose to choose, rather than to react. Our natures run from severe fear and paranoia to the extremes of bliss and ecstasy, and either one can rise and take control at seemingly any moment . But it is obvious that the overall feeling of peace, safety and trust in God is the one that prevails in most cases and is most certain to lead to the success of the human race in its struggle to reach its goals of spiritual maturity and peace on earth.

Secondly: It's simply a matter of recognizing the truth of the above points that will lead to an understanding of what Islam really means. The innate surrender in all of us is what the religion is calling out to. The innate desire to live in peace and in harmony with others is what is reached and nourished by the inner teaching of this faith.

We have no way of judging another being, and that is why peace and patience is the way of Islam. Ghengis Khan, the Mongol 'scourge' of Islam, became Muslim and ruled a vastly successful and peaceful empire. And when the people came to a great saint (Fariduddin Attar?) to beg him to ask God to stop the slaughter of the invasion, he did. But on the third time God asked him why he was interfering, so he stopped and was killed along with the rest of the resisting Muslim populace.

It is said in tradition that if the people to whom the religion was given do not do right by it that it will be taken from them and placed in the hands of people who will. So what do we know about the 'people in power' except that we 'hate' them because they will not give us what we want. But maybe they are refusing to give what we want because of the way we are asking. Threatening and killing and repressing. This is elemental child psychology except for the fact that human lives are being lost at every moment and the repressive behavior in the name of Islam must, and will, be stopped. It is expected from the 'enemy' but horrendous in the name of Islam. So, whom will God punish here, the 'enemy' who is acting simply according to the expectations of his nature, or the false friend, who is behaving atrociously in the name of God's holy faith? 

To Muslims: Our Religion - Once and for All ----

The whole of religion and spiritual practices is about conversion - OUR Conversion:
From war to Peace
From infidel to Faithful
From ignorance to Knowledge
From doubt to Certainty
From scatteredness to Unity
From the outer world to the Inner World
From the inner world to the Outer World
From self to God
From fear to Love 
From asleep to Awake
From sickness to Health
From poverty to Wealth
From scarcity to Abundance
From guilt to Innocence
From hatred to Forgiveness.

And every soul shall surely taste the sting of death. 

Spirituality appeals to the western people. Religion does not. And this is because of the seeming militancy and war-bringing nature of religions. They seem to be all pitted against one another. Is this so? They are all saying my way is right and all others are wrong. Is this correct? But the true spiritual (often referred to as 'esoteric' by people fixated in left-brained, linear, materialist, scientific thinking) message of Islam is only in the affirmation of, surrender to, and living in, the existence of One God. Which no one who believes in God will deny, and it is in this statement and affirmation of the One-ness and benevolent nature of God that the world of true believers are united.

It is the purpose of religion not to take over the world for the sake of its followers, but to prepare us all, each and every individual soul, for the inevitable conversion from asleep to awake. It is to prepare us for the taste of the death of our desire body, and the awakening to our immortal souls. It is the termination of our mortal quest for the satisfaction of physical desire, and the realization that God truly is, and truly has created this life as a preparation for something better and more everlasting. And that it matters not should we choose to accept it or not, or believe in it or not, or prepare for it or not, it will happen, and we will awake from the dream, all in God's time, sooner or later. 

Wise then are they who choose to accept the influence of religion and surrender to the realizations of who they really are in a transcendent blissful reality which is not beyond the perception of the mortal faculties. Both religion and psychology are about change, transformation, and conversion. Divinely revealed religion is psychology, for no one knows His creation better than God Himself, and to Muslims, Islam is the revelation of guidance from God. All of Psychology (as well as magic, or any other power) is about transformation. Because both exist, but in different quantities and degrees of availability, we are all seeking to transform lead into gold, and we would not be seeking it if we did not believe it possible. "Where is our wealth", we are all crying out loud. But the prevailing answers is, "They stole it!" So now there is an enemy over to whom we have given our personal power to change. 


Unitarians, Buddhists, Hindus (despite what some muslims might choose to think), Christians, Jews. Pagans. All are united in the REALITY of (and belief in) the existence, if at all, of only One. Many are in denial and rebellion, but that denial and rebellion is against and therefore also confirming of, Only One True God. One Energy. One. When all the world says only this one word "ONE" enough times, disputes of all kinds will end and harmony will reign in the minds of men.