The Basics of the Sufi Science of Transformational Psychology
Understanding the Nature of True and False Responsibility
as a means of Accomplishment


The Fundamental Technique of Transformational Psychology is


for in it is the Secret of

How your Lovingly Rebellious Soul is trying to Heal you in Spite of Yourself.

So stop TRYING to be good, and BE - fearlessly - who you really are.


"Take care of yourself" means to Recognize and Honor the Requirements of your Soul.

`Ibn al-`Arabi, a twelfth century Muslim Saint, Mystic and Philosopher, once said,
"Man `Arafa Nafsahu, faqad `Arafa Rabbahu"
"Who recognizes (realizes, honors, knows) his True Self (Soul),
recognizes (realizes, honors, knows) his Lord".

He then went on to write a whole treatise on the intricate, mystical definition of "Rabb" (loosely defined as "Lord"), distinguishing the Rabb from God Himself, who is Rabbil `Alameen", or "Lord of the Worlds". He identifies the "Rabb" as the "Upbringer", the Guide or "Raiser" - as in how a parent raises and guides a child. He implies that our personal Rabb is therefore our own potential fulfillment, or our ultimately fulfillable destiny calling us inexorably to it.

This is why The True Surrender (Al-Islam) to Rabbil `Alameen (Allah) will release, with truth and love, the hold that the ego (the artificial, fearful and demanding conceptual self) exercises. This allows the real Self, which is from Allah (the Essence) and returns to the Essence, to be our true guide, or Rabb.


So here are the principles upon which I base my Practice of Sufi Healing.

  1. Anxiety is at the root of every major or minor illness.
  2. Peace is the only basis for Healing.
  3. Relieve Anxiety and you've established Peace.
  4. Nothing relieves anxiety like Success.
  5. A Solid and Confirmed Inner Connection is the key to every Success.
  6. Surrender to the Divine results in a Solid and Confirmed Inner Connection and brings Immediate Success.
  7. Healing is therefore a matter of giving yourself permission to choose Surrender.
  8. Relieving anxiety is a matter of recognizing its source.
  9. Anxiety is a consequential manifestation of a choice - an accepting of false responsibility.
  10. Having accepted false responsibility for true responsibility is the source of inner hypocrisy and conflicted belief structures.
  11. Anxiety is the result of an imperfect Knowing of God.
  12. Illness is a result of this inner duplicity. It is not our fault, simply the consequence of choices we've made.
  13. We are free to make new choices. "Repent" in Latin means to rethink, in Arabic to return.
  14. Accepting responsibility for choices made is the key to empowerment (to change).
  15. Unity heals. There is a Perfect Knowing - it is the Goal of the Quest. God IS Knowable, Immediately.
  16. Knowledge of Unity is the basis of knowing and understanding the nature of Perfect Health.
  17. Self-esteem is based upon your estimation, and therefore knowledge, of God.
  18. Your estimation/opinion of God (and self) will increase by keeping company with the Lovers. (Sufis).This is why Sufis offer Company and Availability, and explains the phenomenon of "Miracle Healing" that often takes place in their presence.
  19. The "Work" is the elimination of doubt and hypocrisy - resolving duplicity with Unity.
"Concern for provision is the first step of Denial."
(Prophetic Tradition).

1. Anxiety is the cause of every major or minor illness.
Anxiety expresses itself as fear of the unknown, concern for provision or concern for the future. The job of anxiety is to keep you off balance and eternally distracted from giving yourself permission to know, and to be well. The sense is that if you are not anxious, or "ill-at-ease", you are somehow being irresponsible. It has become socially obligatory to be anxious and fearful for the future. The prophet said that the world (our selves) was divided into two states (countries, camps, or lands). They are the "Dar us-Salam", the  State of Security (Surrender, peace, trust and healing), and the "Dar ul-Harb", the State of Anxiety (suspicion, dis-ease, conflict and war).

2. Peace is the only basis for Healing. Relieve Anxiety and you've established Peace.
Everyone wants his or her anxieties relieved. True Hospitality is the relief of anxiety. So everyone needs hospitals (joking) - hospitality. Relieve anxiety and you've established Peace, which is the basis for happiness. Anxiety is the first and primary disrupter of the happy energies of Peace. It shows up as self-concern or concern for provision, and as such is the first breach of the innocent trust and contemplative adoration (known as Surrender) of living in the garden of the heart with the world waiting patiently to serve you. Infants don't have self-concern and are born completely trusting and adoring. This is why the Prophet Muhammad said that all children were born Muslims, meaning- in a state of surrender and peace- Islam. This is why children must be 'taught' responsibility. But unfortunately the responsibilities that they are 'taught' are the responsibilities of obligation to anxiety (the great false god of self-concern), rather than the responsibility to love and trust The Divine (Allah). Sounds naďve, doesn't it?

3. Nothing relieves anxiety like Success.
Just thinking about success relieves anxiety. Try it. Or maybe you have difficulty imagining it. Take a course in guided imagery. It will really help.

4. A Solid and Confirmed Inner Connection is the key to every Success.

Just studying all that is being written on the subject should be enough to convince you of this one. Outward success without the inner Connection doesn't last and doesn't bring the Satisfaction because it is only in the remembrance of God that the Souls find true Satisfaction. Satisfaction of the Soul is called fulfillment. All the seminars and books on "making it" and "success" in this world are based on the work of "Self-Dis-Covery", where you are Dis-Covering your true Being, or Soul Work. And of all the available learning systems and healing methodologies out there, there is none faster or more tried, proven and complete than the way of the Sufis.

5. Surrender to the Divine, at the hand of a Sufi Guide, leads to a Solid and Confirmed Inner Connection and brings Immediate Success.
Sufism is the English word coined for the Science of Tasawwuf (Arabic for Soul-Purification) revealed to the Prophet Muhammad and developed by Muslim students, psychologists and Sufis.

6. Healing is a matter of giving yourself permission to choose Surrender.
But will you? You can choose to be well. You can enter into the state of Peace simply by choosing to do so. It’s called Surrender, and I offer regular classes and healing sessions to help you recognize and understand it. Divine permission is already in place. Permission to be well, live long and prosper is definitely granted by God, and again, if you need help believing that, please start attending my classes. But even given you know that already, the deeper question is, can you, and will you, give yourself permission to accept the Divine Permission?

This is the crux of the problem. It is not ever as easy as it sounds, or you would be in perfect, fearless health. If you are not, I’m sure you will find, with a little investigation, the part of you that chooses not to, and mostly out of some sense of prior obligation. You choose your anxieties, because you feel that your happiness is tied up in them. Alas, you have "responsibilities" (you say with a deep sigh and a mock heavy heart.). But look deeper and you'll find that you’re proud of them, you derive some happiness and satisfaction from them. You consider them "worth the sacrifice" (you martyr, you) They make you happy, and you manifest a child-like and innocent pride in your "responsibilities" through a sense of concern and anxiety. This anxiety, then, become your underlying (and commonly accepted) excuse for not paying attention to your true concern, i.e. your self and your health. You 'put it off until later', using your ‘responsibilities’ as the rationale for martyrdom, ‘self-sacrifice’, recklessness, and even suicide.

7. Relieving anxiety is a matter of recognizing its source.
A famous channel has said that, "the bypass is in the recognition of the complication". Books have been written trying to express this, but try to look deeply into the following explanation.

8. Anxiety is a consequential manifestation of a choice - an accepting a false responsibility.
Anxiety is felt to be an obligation, but it is actually a reflection of someone else, a conditioned reflexive behavior pattern triggered by thoughts, mostly of 'love' for another. But from the soul's joyous viewpoint, it is an act (as in stage play). It is hypocrisy, pure and simple, and the result of a co-dependent relationship. It is caused by accepting false responsibility to, for and from - 'others'. It is duplicity - not your true self! So false responsibility is a responsibility not to, for, and from your true self.

Yet you must take responsibility for doing this to yourself, for inflicting unnecessary and hypocritical pain and suffering upon yourself. This responsibility is the key to empowerment, and without it you cannot initiate change in your life. (When you are really happy, and can see the truth of this simple, yet profound statement, you will be able to understand, forgive and heal not only yourself and others, but the 'sins' of you ancestors for seven generations.)

9. We have all substituted false responsibility for true responsibility. This is the source of duplicity and causes a conflict of our belief systems.
We have all substituted the false responsibility to concern and anxiety for our true responsibility to a perfect knowing of God - to know the Reality, which sheds light on and dispels our illusion. This is the reason for the Wisdom teaching that we are living in illusion. It's as though anxiety is the only way to accomplishment. It is my premise that this is exactly the responsibility that we do not want to accept, and toward which our Soul is in revolt, for it is, in reality, taking responsibility for someone else who is probably, in some very real sense, actually doing the same thing.

So are you a healer or a patient? When it comes to health, you are either a healer (listening to your true self and healing both yourself and others) or a patient (listening to someone else, of a doctor or medical system). You are either taking responsibility for your current condition and thereby enabling yourself to change it (by letting it improve), or you choose not to, continuing in 'victim' mode, allowing and insisting that the responsibility for your health and well-being be placed in the hands of some 'other'.

So how can we stabilize the beautiful healing energies that we have tasted or are so familiar with? Check anxiety! Investigate the source of obligation! Free yourself from the bonds of relationship! (Just for a moment). Are you happy? (Just testing.)

We have all been taught (by 'others' - needy parents, etc.) that innocence and lack of concern is being 'irresponsible' (which we never really believed). As a result, we now accept as axiomatic our 'obligation' to 'act' responsibly, by showing concern and accepting 'our share of the responsibility' to an anxiety-ridden way of life. This obligation requires us to 'act' (what we do not feel) - to 'behave' (as expected - by 'others'). Acting is pretending, masquerading. Masquerading is putting on a mask. It's a kind of compulsory (defensive) hypocrisy. We don't really believe it, but because we cannot express our true selves and beliefs adequately, either to ourselves or to others, we are forced to overlook, disregard, and ultimately disrespect our own beliefs, and accept what we are being told, as the 'truth'. So we eventually end up believing in and conforming to the way of anxiety, and forgetting the Peace and Joy that we were born with to bring into the world. Gone! Buried! Dig it out later, maybe. Or not! So why do we have accidents? Accidents almost always happen when we're about to do something we do not really want to do.

This kind of responsibility always becomes required of us before we have learned how to properly take responsibility for ourselves. How to keep your children at home to serve you and help you fulfill your needs? Impose your obligations and belief structure upon them before their freedom is discovered. Impede them from learning the secret of self-responsibility.

Learn the secret of self-responsibility and all will be provided for you. If you no longer have concern for provision, you will not sell yourself and your labors on the market as someone else’s slave - for "a crust of bread', as the saying goes. In other words, you become ‘useless’ (to ‘others’). Hooray for you!

10. Anxiety is the result of an imperfect Knowing.
Anxiety for the future is a manifestation of an imperfect faith. "Concern for provision is the first step of Denial." Perfect faith instills prefect trust. Anxiety is the absence of trust. It is a manifestation of not knowing, of incorrect understanding, of imperfect faith. It is a fear for the unknown, and unknowing is exactly that, a direct consequence of lack (absence) of Divine Knowledge.

As you can see, we've all been deliberately misled regarding the matters of true faith and healing. The truth is that if you really knew God you would have no worries, only joy and gratitude, and endless personal magnetism to acquire your desires. You would then become a constructive and healing member of society, instead of feeling like a slave, living your life to benefit others, attempting to assuage your disappointment and depression by consoling yourself with the ephemeral and all too transitory pleasures of material acquisition, and justifying it as love. Obligation is compulsion, not love.

11. Illness is a result of duplicity. It is not our fault, but we chose it.

12. Accepting our responsibility is the key to empowerment (to change).

13. Unity heals. There is Perfect Knowing - it is the Goal of the Quest. God IS Knowable, Immediately. Peace is the source and foundation of the healing energy. Peace is found in the energy balance between the 'positive' and the 'negative'. Anxiety is the first disruption of peace, and the first manifestation of energy imbalance, or lack of trust. Lack of trust is the first sign of lack of correct faith, and lack of correct faith is healed (can be healed immediately by knowledge) by turning to God with certainty and seeking certain knowledge (as in objective, transcendent truth). The deep inward certainty (certain knowledge, objective, transcendent truth) is the closely guarded treasure of the Sufi masters and knowledgeable Gnostics of Allah. And it is said that the forgetfulness of the knower is still more powerful than the remembrance of the seeker.

* Allah! *

All this, plus my personal experience, leads me to know and believe that faith, love and freedom go hand in hand, and that love, and peace, heals all.

So therefore I conclude that

15. Knowledge of Unity is the basis of knowing and understanding the nature of Perfect Health

Correct understanding comes from Perfect knowing, and Perfect Knowing is the basis and Essence of Perfect Health. True Knowledge and remembrance of the Divine Benevolence of God is the Essence of Perfect Health.

There IS Godly Knowledge, but it is not popularly available in the English language. Like all things of quality, it must be sought. Godly Knowledge and the remembrance of the Divine Benevolence of God is the basis and Essence of Perfect Health. It is the exclusive focus of the Sufis.

and that

16. Self-esteem is based upon your estimation, and therefore knowledge, of God.
True Self-esteem is the dynamic magnetism that shows you everything, and brings all things to you effortlessly. It is based solely upon your estimation (or knowing) of God.

17. Your estimation/opinion of God will increase by keeping company with the Lovers (Sufis).

18. This is why Sufis offer company and availability and explains the phenomenon of "Miracle Healing" that often takes place in their presence.

19. The "Work" is the elimination of Hypocrisy - resolving duplicity with Unity.

(See "Psychology of the Soul")