God is immediately available. There's one thing we have to do in order to avail ourselves of His full power for healing, and that is recognize our blocks to His energy of Love and clear ourselves from them. If we are willing to do that, then we can be healed even more quickly than normal or anticipated. This clearing can rarely be done alone. For the very blocks that we carry are results of conscious decisions made under stress and they are now more difficult to detect. For this reason we have "friends in high places", so to speak, who have sought the help and done the work and are more able to help us. All that is asked of us is that we consult with people of knowledge. In the Sufi way, these people are the recognized teachers. 

The Force of the natural healing energy is always available and quite persistent. It is consistent with the love that your soul has for you. Always there, always ready, always waiting patiently for you to return and come home. It is present as the foundation of the very nature of creation. Nature, left alone, heals. The time it takes depends upon the surrender of the individual in need. Good healers will explain the value and show the fastest way to this surrender, and often in only one session. So let the Force be with you. And the active word is "let". 

Water is the carrier of nutrients and waste. It also is able to convey energetic impulses rapidly, and to change its configuration according to the subtle energies of thought. Therefore, it is the original "shape-shifter". The more pure water we have in out system, the cleaner and more easily our system will run. It will also respond more easily to our thoughts, and that's why prayers and thoughts turned to God for help have such a readily available influence. Proper orientation of thoughts, recognition and resolution of blocks to healing (and there are, strangely enough, quite a few), receptiveness of the physical body to subtle energy shifts by maintaining proper hydration, and studied sensible nutrition, are the keys to rapid healing. 

The fundamentals of nutrition and natural dietetics should be learned from the simple and easily understood "Philosophy of Extreme Oriental Science and Medicine", as taught in the original works by Georges Ohsawa, the originator of the Macrobiotic School of Dietetic and Nutritional healing. There are many books and teachers of this way of understanding, but to date none have matched the master for simplicity and ease of explanation. Grasping this philosophy is the simplest and easiest way to understand the fundamentals of the forces of nature and their influence on diet and health. So try to find it in the original. Otherwise, I will write out the elements again for the benefit of students. 

By Energy I mean the daily influences on your life. It behooves the astute student to take a course in the basics of energetic and emotional healing. Energy has a profound influence on us and it is possible to learn about it in such a way that the flow of benevolence, your "Power to Receive", is not interrupted.