True healing in the Sufi way is based on a knowing that at the core of each human heart there is only Divinity, which will always manifest as innocence, purity and love.

Through an understanding of the Divine Nature of health and the energetics of disease and emotional disturbance, a Sufi healer can offer effective means to dissolve personal problems on the physical and emotional levels. Sufi Healing also provides an accepted and rewarding path for personal support and spiritual development to guarantee the continued progress of its students. 

The point of most spiritual practices and healing techniques is the release of your Divine Awareness and physical Love from the clutches of emotional bondage. When the body is completely released, the soul becomes free to explore the treasures of the Divine. And that's where the real happiness of life begins. 

The desire to experience truth is buried deeply within our hearts. Sufi healing begins with a compassionate understanding that underneath every dominating energy (act of frustration) there is a truer motivation based on innocence and a responsible cause that is truthful, benevolent and healing in nature. 

Divine awareness is release from emotional bondage. Emotional bondage is the root cause of fear, resistance, reluctance, hesitation, skepticism and all things that keep us from realizing the fullness and the Divinity of our lives. Emotional bondage is what impedes the body from knowing the complete joy and happiness of Divine Surrender. With the help of an experienced healer, the sources and roots of these emotional bonds can be identified and their power over us neutralized. The result is always increased freedom of movement, joy and hope for the future. 

Sufi healing offers an ideal arena for such self-investigation. In the safety of a trusted and guided friendship we may come to know and directly experience the loving truth in the secrets of our hearts. Once we begin to know and trust the truly benevolent nature of our own true beings, we will be able to help others to find theirs. 

Sufi healing offers not only the opportunity to know your self and become free but also to become active in the healing process of others and hence, the world. All the prophets and sages insisted that saving the life of one person is equal to saving the whole world. And so it is with healing ourselves.

"Surely in the Remembrance of the Divine do the Hearts find Satisfaction." (Qur`an)

In Peace and Love,