The Sufi way to knowledge of God is the fastest way imaginable. It is more than instantaneous, because you knew it already. Our job is simply to remind you that it is there, show you how to feel it, teach you how to remember it, and how to show and remind others.

Knowledge of God is instant healing, for you know from inside yourself that God creates only for His Truth to be known. He did not create except to show Himself, and to be loved and appreciated for His glory, love and mercy.

There is no limit to the praises of God. He is endlessly manifest in ourselves and on the horizons. And He it is who has sent down unto mankind His revelations and scriptures both old and new. These revelations take on many forms and are shown by many teachers.

The light of the sun of truth lands upon the hearts of mankind like a huge meteor from outer space landing on the surface of the earth, colliding, exploding, and dispersing itself everywhere. It is to be felt and interpreted as each heart will, and done with as each mind chooses.

But always, within every age, there are those who will look for the source of this knowledge. Where did it come from? How did it get here? They seek to gather in this dispersion of religious and spiritual knowledge and return with it to its source.

Among such people are the sufis, in quest of knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

The sufi message to you, o beloved of God, is to search about the way to know God from within yourself. Look for the teacher who heals your heart, in whose presence your heart feels at peace, and sit with that teacher and learn.

For a knowledge of God is truth for your mind, and the truth in your mind will bring you to recognize the goodness, love and kindness of your immortal being, and with that recognition comes a knowing of who you really are.

And with a deeper knowing of who you really are comes a healing to your spirit, and with the healing to your spirit comes the energy for your heart. And with the energy for your heart comes the strength and feeling to your body, and with the strength and feeling in your body is your power to be well, to heal, to be healed, and to know the nature of God's grace upon you. 

And to know that you are well is what God wishes for you. For when you remember God, He remembers you. And surely it is in the remembrance of God that the hearts find peace, and with the peace comes the strength to know him, and to know that all is well, and to be well.

So please know, accept and be grateful for the fact of life, that life is itself God's blessing and peace, and that it is, in fact, upon you.