`Asrar ul-Quddus: (Secrets of the Divine)
(revealing the distinction between the "enlightened" and the realized)

Everything is done by Allah!  Every single thing is done by Allah!  Every moment is a direct manifestation of Allah!  People will either continue in the illusion that they are the doers or stop (and keep company) long enough to realize that they are not. 

This is the difference between the realized and the unrealized, the knowing and the unknowing. 

All knowledge has three stages, the hearing, the witnessing and the experience of the reality, or the deep knowing. The secret here is that it is only from the divine permission that real awareness is accomplished, and that permission can only be had by those who know its secret. And the reality of that secret is a gift, which Allah bestows upon whom He wills. And the secret is this: that Everything is done by Allah! Every single thing is done by Allah! Even hearing this is the honor of a great knowing.

When I get up in the morning and look at my day and feel what I feel about it, this is my nafs reacting to its fears, and these feelings need to be recognized, conceded to, looked at, honored, understood and dealt with. That is the day's work. But that was done by Allah. Allah causes the work to be there and causes it to be done (or not) and causes the doer to feel the sense of doership. Everything is done by Allah.

Allah causes science to behave in a predictable manner and the moon to follow the sun. He causes the outward sciences to behave in one manner and the inward sciences to be in a different form. He causes the knowledges of creation to appear fixed for an appointed time, and allows for energy to move through them predictably and unpredictably in accordance with His will. He is the cause of the predictable events as well as the immediate. 

If He wills an event (a healing), He has given it permission to happen from before time, that the event may happen within time, at the appropriate time, not before, nor after. If that event is to appear to have happened at the hand of another of his slaves, it matters not what that slave may know or not, say or not, or do or not, the event will happen as Allah has willed it to happen and appear as Allah has willed it to appear, simply because it is His will and a part of His plan for it to be so. 

The occurrence of an event is always for His pleasure alone but is made to appear to be both for its own sake and as the prerequisite to another event, which is destined and to appear as necessary to yet another, and all this is caused by Allah to produce the appearance of an outcome, rather than by the beginning or the ensuing influences, as most men have cause to think. 

These appearances are an integral part of the illusion of a chain of consequences caused that men may be deceived, enlightened and realized in their pathway back to Him. Since all people are in ever different and evolving stages of awareness, there must necessarily be, in the course of the events that Allah causes for his own pleasure, the illusion of sequence, or an analyzable, and with study, predictable science. 

This is so the people whom He chooses to leave in the illusion of the causal world (al-mulk) of humanity (nasut) will be reinforced in their beliefs, and those whom He chooses to be enlightened will have the illusions to see through, and those whom He chooses to be realized will have no illusions whatsoever.