Barakah - The Magnetic Dynamics of the Blessing
(Barakah = Love, Blessings, Divine Grace, Good Karma,  the Substance of Compassion) 

Whether you know it or not, The Divine (Allah, God), in Wisdom, is the Manipulator of Hearts, and by extension all else within the human existence. The palpability of Divine Doings ranges in degrees of subtlety from causing (or allowing) death by violent calamity to the most imperceptible of subtle influences like molecular intelligence and DNA perceptions, the damaging and healing energies of thought forms, and angelic or spiritual inclinations. Sufi training is aimed at allowing the students further access to subtle perceptions.

It is simply by Divine Manipulation (Will) that the Sufi students come together and love their masters so much. The Divine places that love in their hearts by allowing it to grow in stages after allowing the always present seed of Peace to take root. Peace is one of the fundamental natures of The Divine Reality. It is by the Love and feelings of attraction that peace produces that sufficient continuity is provided to allow the learning process to take hold and flourish. In other words, if you did not like the feeling you get from being around someone, you'd not have the patience or inclination to learn from that someone.

The Divine chooses for each and every one of us the feelings that we experience when we are in the company of or choosing a teacher. If Allah (God, The Divine) wants the student to learn from that teacher, the student will feel the desire to do so. This desire is usually based on "getting a good feeling" from being in the presence of or thinking about the teacher, even when the teacher may be discussing subjects which taken by themselves, would be considered unpleasant or undesirable topics.

It is only from within the security of an established bond of trust that personal or painful subjects may be allowed to emerge. Often we may find ourselves investigating the presence of someone who is espousing the most desirable principles, but in our hearts we know that this particular person is not for us.

Sufism invests true teachers with three fundamental qualities -- they are not boring, they take your burdens from you, and they speak what is in your heart. These sensations are all coming from the heart of the student, and it is Allah that is placing them there. It is the heart that is seeking for resonance (open to Unity) that will be responsive to Allah's guidance when it has found it. That's Barakah! 

Barakah is from the Essence of Allah, and it always seeks company. It is the central element of true spiritual magnetism. By true spiritual magnetism is meant that to which hearts are attracted by means of the increase of perceived blessing gained through proximity. It is the attraction that influences truly knowing hearts, and has a palpably tranquilizing effect on the unruly control of mortal desires. 

Barakah is a manifestation of Rahimiyyah, or Personalized Responsive Mercy, and as such, is drawn to those who ask for it, seek it or work for it -- it is the centralizable, attractable (magnetic) aspect of the diffuse and general operational energy of creation.

Rahimiyyah is the manifestation of Ar-Rahim, Allah's attribute of Personalized Responsive Mercy. It is the magnetic aspect of Rahmah. Rahmah is the manifestation of Ar-Rahman, Allah's attribute of Overall, Omnipotent Benevolence. It is characterized as the diffuse, generally unalterable Source of Munificence and Overflowing from The Divine which brings Creation into existence.

Barakah is the substance of Creation and as such is everywhere, immediately available. It can be detected and attracted by means of inward sensing for directions of intensity, which invariably leads the seeker to a source, most always a learning circle with a master at the center. Its primary sensation is in the form of personal attention from the Divine Reality, and its most immediate descriptive maxim is "You remember Allah, and Allah will remember you".