The Gnostic Claim - God IS Knowable

God IS Knowable. What's more, Such as It is, Divine Nature makes Its knowledge incumbent upon creation. Ignore It at your peril. The good news is that it is possible. It would not be asked of us if it were not. 

All words have meanings. All meanings are meant to be explored. Meaning is the source of knowledge. Knowledge is the understanding of meanings. Realization is the deep understanding of meanings. Meaning is that which is indicated (by a word). A meaningless word nullifies its own existence. 

How does one explore meaning? With conviction, determination, investigation and repetition! The word 'Gnostic' means Knower (of God). The word 'Gnosis' means Knowledge (of God). The word 'agnostic' means to be without knowledge (of God), and therefore, ignorant. 

Consider, if you will, the meaning of the word 'ignorant' (Spanish/Latin: ignorante)- one who ignores. To ignore is an act of will and therefore of deliberate denial and uncaring,  and therefore unknowing, (of the Divine Nature of Existence). And now consider the consequences of ignorance - singularly the most damaging aspect of human existence. Fear, war, pestilence, disease, all the damaging elements arise from this one human quality. The war of light is always with knowledge, against ignorance. 

Consider the meaning of the word 'enlighten' - to remove the burden (of ignorance). Consider the meaning of the word 'wisdom' - the understanding and practical application of knowledge. Do we know of anyone born with them? Are they not, then, noble objectives? 

Consider the most fundamentally beneficial (and beneficent) aspect of human existence, the Knowledge of the Unity of us all. Is not the Unity Beneficent? Contemplate Divine Unity for one moment and see what happens to you. Is not this Unity sufficient to speak for itself? The slightest contemplation of it can be magnificently inspirational. Unity is the Source of Inspiration. What is it that you listen to when you contemplate Unity? 

All religious, spiritual and socially uplifting teachings are inspired by this Unity. All religions, spiritual traditions, and ancient medical sciences and philosophies, from flower arrangement to homeopathy to the arts of war, include as an essential element a never-ending deep contemplation of, and listening to, this Unity. 

Consider some alternatives. Would you support the contention that the Unity is incapable of speech? All of creation speaks to its kind and others in some form. Is not then speech an essential attribute of The Unity? If capable of speech, would you consider It incapable of creating one (or more) able to listen?  Who were the great spiritual leaders of history? All claimed the ability, by Divine Grace and Will, to speak for The Unity in the language of the people at that time. And was not their message of eternal benefit to those who listened? 

Should this Unity not have qualities that are beyond our comprehension? And should not this Unity be solicitous of our well-being, since It saw fit to bring us into existence in the first place? Is it not Aware, the Source and Author of a mother's love and a father's concern? Is this Unity not capable of creation? Did we, and the creation of the known and unknown universes, past, present and future, arise  accidentally, as though somehow without the consent, knowledge, cooperation and willful participation of this Supreme Oneness? 

Can there be any thing greater than this Unity? Should this Unity be Knowing but not Conscious? We may have consciousness, but not that in and by which we exist? Should not this Seeing, Speaking, Creating, Knowing, Willing, Compassionate, and Powerful Unity be able to give Itself a name unique to Itself in all languages, that distinguishes itself from all previous concepts and misconceptions? And would you consider this Entity (Unique, Whole and One In Itself) unable to make this Name, and its Will and Purpose, known to Its creation? 

Contemplate the meaning of these words!  Al-lah! The One, greater than which there is nothing! Ahad! The Unique. Standing Alone, beyond comprehension, without necessity of Creation. He is now as He was. Wahid! The Oneness, the Unity (Existing, Knowing, Seeing, Hearing, Speech, Will, Power ), Who comprehends all. 

The knowledge of Unity is a study; the Knowing of Unity is a practice. The Knowing and living in Unity is a primary obligation that supercedes all other obligations in importance and priority. All action or non-action arising from this Knowing will be of the Source and successful. No other knowing can claim this. One moment away from this knowing is damaging and to persist in its ignorance hardens the heart irreparably. 

The Knowing of Unity benefits us in many ways.  a) Personally, with physical health and well being. b) Socially, with a caring, unified society and the power of love and concern that such a society can bring to the individuals within it, and c) Societally, by allowing the meeting of the races for the purpose of global harmony and balance (of regional deficits). 

This Divine Unity is the Source and Creator of all Sciences, foremost among which is the Science of Knowledge (of Divinity) itself. 

Divinity has revealed the Science of Knowing Divinity and made it available to those who would seek it. It's called Gnosis, 'Knowledge of God', or 'God Realization' and is often referred to as 'the mystic way'. It has its roots in singular Truth and its origin in before time. The "Way" (to know God) has been espoused by every convinced individual from every religious and spiritual background. 

What could be more practical, in any day and age, than the knowledge of the science of knowing the Divine Unity of us all? Divinity exists. Even one's choice to ignore it affirms it. It is not erased from reality by such ignorance, only ignored. 

Where does one go to seek knowledge of the Divine? Only the Divine can have complete knowledge of Itself, and only by Divine Will could Divine Knowledge be accessible to humanity. The Sufis say simply, "We know God by God."