"I am known only by you, just as you exist only by me. 
Who knows you knows me, although no one knows me, 
so that you too are known by no one."
Ibn `Arabi's Fusus (I, 92, pp. 248-254) 

This is a brief exposition of some points of the Sufi Science of Gnosis - Knowledge of God. It assumes interest in the subject and offers no further proof of Divine Existence. Most people interested in this subject matter are already convinced and want simply to set foot on the path of knowledge. This treatise may be a first step on a joyous, but not necessarily easy, journey. 

Sufism is nothing if not a certifiable chain of transmission. All "mystic" knowledge consists of two equally important parts, the outward teaching of description and instruction, and the inner core of true, full-body realization. These might be compared or paraphrased as the indications, signs (ayats), and the meanings, or "the Teachings" and "the Practice", or the lesson and the comprehension. 

Once the actual comprehension is reached, the teaching may become more personalized, because all things from the source lead to the source. But until that point, the teachings must be studied and the practices practiced with devotion, belief and sincerity. 

Each person of understanding will attempt to publish "the Way" in some manner or other. This writing may be a "new" rendition of the teaching, but it is coming from its source and is designed to point the reader in the right direction. How the conveyer reached these conclusions is a matter of biography, and of little interest. Important is how well the reality is represented. 

The science of Creation, and thus of knowing God, is documented in many languages from many times. The most recent and arguably complete exposition of this science came with the life of Muhammad, the revelation of the Qur`an and the experiences of the myriad of followers who embraced this knowledge wholeheartedly. The teachings of the masters are famous, but there must be living representatives to give it life, otherwise it is dead. And the knowing is eternal and unchanging, but the knowers are as varied as humanity itself. Indeed, the spirit moves where it will. 

The Goal of this exposition is to call to the way of eternal, everlasting peace, one person at a time. It can be done, personal circumstances are irrelevant. Once the knowledge is known, a simple remembering is sufficient to bring peace to the body and mind. 

Peace (of mind) is the sole most significant healer in any time. Surrender brings the Real Peace to the body and mind and allows for the immediate disappearance of tension and anxiety, which is the root cause of all other physical and mental imbalances. Continuation brings Joy.