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The Realms of Existence and the Attributes of Essence

Hahut - The Supreme Consciousness - The
Existence of Divinity Independent from and Indifferent to Works (of creation). The uncreated Ultimate Reality. Allahu Ahad, "The very 'stuff' from which everything else is composed". Allahu sSamad - "Yogic scientists have long said that the ultimate cause of all existence and the source of all material objects can be nothing other than pure consciousness." Ananda Marga philosophy calls this state of pure consciousness Nirguna Brahma. The Essential Attributes (Sifat udh-Dhat) are Seven. These are the Inherenent Attrributes of Divinity (Hahut) independent of works. Existence, Knowledge, Power, Will, Sight, Hearing and Speech.

Lahut - The Realm of God relative to His works, pertaining to His Dominion and Power (to create). He would not be "God" if He were not worshipped, reflected in and by His work. "He became 'God' when He decided to." Part of the 'created' realm. "Saguna Brahma or Brahma with qualities."

Jabbarut - Energy, "The Compelling" - the Will of God, The "Force", The Supreme Power - the Used Potential - of Divine Intention.

Malakut - The Reality of the Divine Ideation - The Thought of God, the Overall Plan, The Spiritual Truth and Reality of God's Creation.

Mulk - The Dominion - The Lowest Form of Manifestation, referred to (loosely) as the Material Creation, that which is presided over (dominated, conteled created by Spiritual forces (Malakut, Jabbarut) The Manifest (Visible to Humans - Dhahiri) Portion of Divine Intention.