Community Building in Islam
The Healing Power of Conscious Recognition

It has been my experience that nothing heals as well as conscious recognition, and that nothing heals completely without conscious recognition. Most of healing is dealing with the consequences of unconscious behavior. The art of healing is the art of correcting the underlying assumptions that are the causes of unconscious behavior. It is complete when understanding and forgiveness set in.

Energy healing is a pathway to the discovery of truth. When causes are recognized, behavior can be corrected and lessons learned. In order to effect a complete cure we must discover true causes and bring them into conscious recognition. The purpose of a manifestation (symptom) is to draw attention to its source. Energy healing is a way to investigate a manifestation (consequence) and arrive at a clear recognition of cause. Learning the lesson (i.e. seeing the truth of the situation) brings relief and gratitude, and wounds serve their purpose and may heal.

Gratitude for the healing, and the lesson learned, allows for the process of forgiveness to begin. From the position of relief and gratitude, one may come to an understanding of the distorted motivations that brought about the wounding, and even the causes of these distortions. At which point the forgiveness of deep understanding sets in. 

A deep understanding of the causative emotional disturbances will almost always reveal how they were motivated by a distorted interpretation of love, either the desire for it or the desire to express it. And from that understanding, forgiveness may emerge.

The point of spiritual practices and techniques is the release of our  Divine Awareness from the clutches of emotional bondage. Emotional bondage (attachment) is the root cause of resistance, and these emotional bonds are located deeply within our subconscious. It is this emotional bondage that impedes our bodies from complete surrender to the happiness of the soul. When the body is surrendered completely, the soul is then free to explore the treasures of the heart. And that's where the happiness of life begins. To embody Divine qualities is to allow them to flow through us unfiltered and uninterpreted. In order to do that, total surrender is required. 

Energy healing is a process of identifying and locating these emotional bonds, most of which are in the form of hidden associations with the past. Bringing them and their causes into the present (conscious recognition) is the means by which they are released. Bringing our emotional wounds into conscious recognition, understanding their causes and the compulsions caused by them is the means by which they are healed and appropriate behavior is restored, once and for all. And the only thing attempting to prevent us from doing that is our fear of them.

Real understanding begins with a compassionate interest and the knowledge that underneath every Dominating Energy (or act of frustration) there is a responsible cause that is fundamentally benevolent and healing in nature. We might even call this the "Primary Understanding". 

Deep down, every person seeks understanding. True understanding can be felt, and the inner being receives it as vital help and as the necessary prerequisite to being helped, and all of us are needing and hoping in our heart of hearts to be helped. Receiving help is self-affirming - it is validating of life-efforts. In other words, it helps us to heal our hearts and prepares us to pass it along. Receiving help affirms our understanding and thereby our goals and sense of rightness. 

We are all struggling for success. Having a really clear understanding of the honesty of our true motivations and a compassion for the needs of humanity is a means of achieving success. If we can know and manifest the truly benevolent nature of our own motivations, then we can help others to find theirs. So being understood is a prerequisite to being helped, and we all need help. This is truly the Sufi Way.

It's the right thing to do. Healing and learning to heal is the appropriate behavior of the age. Why do we behave the way we do? And why is our behavior degenerative instead of regenerative? A successful life is based upon appropriate behavior.  It is therefore appropriate behavior for this society to learn how to repair and heal the consequences of its own inappropriate behavior. This is true repentance (rethinking).

In the safety of a sacred friendship, we may ask to be shown the secrets of our hearts, to purify our histories from the effects of distortion, and to bring into conscious recognition the events in our lives that caused repression of spirit, fear, and emotional attachment. This, I suggest, is an underlying prayer for help buried deep in the heart of each individual.

We are answering our own prayers. This "Way", this "Quest for Healing" of ours is the answer to our own deeply buried prayers. It is the rescue of our inner child, and the retrieval of our own true souls.