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(or there is no future)

The Future is Peace but it will not be gained by the power of war. All that the power of war will gain is death, Hellfire, and endless fear and military control with all its concomitant revolt, revolutions and rebellions, sleepless nights with endless fearful watchfulness, and endless terror. 

If War is Hell, then Peace is Heaven, and that's where the real Islam comes from, leads to, and means. And the choice is always ours, from moment to moment. If we suddenly discover that we've made a wrong choice, we must be courageous, rethink the placement of our will and make the right one. Here and now.

It is believed that the world effort to end anger and outrage has reached a sufficient momentum to succeed, and that the common understanding of these universal and religious goals by all involved will go a long way toward helping bring to an end the illusions of difference that fuel fear and anger. 

To that end I wish to introduce the truth-concept of the Imperative of Spiritual Unity (Arabic: Tawheed), that all peace workers may be familiar with the essential Unity teachings in all religions, but especially in Islam. 

I hope thereby to show the English speaking Judeo-Christian world that the Peace, Faith and Fearlessness of the Muslim faith is the same as that being purported by the New Thought churches of Christianity as well as the independent world class teachers and healers who are having such a profound influence on western philosophy and world success principles. 

Similarly I wish to present a universally accepted understanding of the point and purpose of Islam, based upon my over forty years of prayer, contemplation, study and learning in association with some of the best minds of the contemporary Islamic world. 

Unity (the Oneness and Uniqueness referred to as God) is Truth. The Unity or Oneness of God is the essential and central theme in all the teachings of Islam, and indeed, is the core teaching of all world religions, spiritual and healing practices, and world-wide medical philosophies. It is, in essence, the key to every success. Understanding it completely is the only real solution to personal and societal problems. 

The key operative and motivational word here is "Success", which is what we all want (unless, of course, we're suicidal, and that will be dealt with elsewhere.) In Arabic the word for success is "Falah". It is the root of Felaheen, referring to the farmers, or peasants, because they work and harvest the earth, and thereby prosper. Falah is the Second Compelling Word in the Muslim Call to Prayer, which is heard five times daily from every Mosque in the world. The first of the two Compelling Words in the call is "Salah", or "Prayer and Adoration". 

One of the essential concepts to be understood is that among Muslims the acceptance of Jesus and Moses as true prophets is an imperative, and that the current peaceful manifestations of those faiths are both worthy of respect and divinely inspired. Part of our work is dedicated to helping the Muslim world so that the angered and outraged among them will come to understand even more that the true followers of Christianity and Judaism of today per se are not enemies but friends and willing to help in the construction of a peaceful world and resolutions to all problems of territory and hunger. 

In true religion, there are no enemies. Our enemy is only within. If we learn to conquer anger and outrage we have won the greatest battle, called the Jihad al-Akbar in Arabic. The idea is that anger and outrage are the real enemies of peace and the peaceful resolution of differences. How many times has the prophet of Islam (pbuh) insisted that restraint of anger was essential and a key to the development of both self-esteem and good character. He also said that religion was for nothing if not for the development of noble character. He also said that religion was nothing if not wise counsel. 

The following essays are for the development of a truthful understanding of the reality and  imperative of Spiritual Unity - why it is imperative and the consequences of ignoring this imperative for petty, personal gains. It is hoped that these truth-concepts will contribute to the efforts of The Federation of World Class Teachers, who are currently having such a wonderful balancing effect on the overall state of peace in the hearts of the world.

Translating the universal understandings to be found in the religion of Islam into a commonly understood English (or any other language) is the work of Muslims indigenous to that language and the work of Muslim travelers to foreign (non-Arabic) lands. It behooves us all to have an in-depth understanding of the needs, goals and hearts of the people in whose land we find ourselves before seeking to teach. We feel it our duty to help the people in whatever situation they find themselves, and at this moment the people of the world are struggling to understand Islam in terms that make sense to them. 

But all too often Islam, like many other faiths, has been used as a tool of subjugation by Muslims who feel themselves also to be subjugated. It is not for us to enter foreign lands as the missionaries of old, seeking to convert the people from their ways of assumed ignorance before truly understanding their natural quest for betterment of their lot and greater spiritual understanding. Such activity is more like conquest than assistance. If we have the truth of God and the Reality of Surrender in our hearts, then we must see it in the hearts of others and help them to see it and realize it in themselves and to understand our religion as a personal, inward manifestation of Gratitude and Surrender. And if we do not have it completely in our hearts, then we must seek first the complete understanding by associating ourselves with the true teachers of the way of peace. Not relying on fundamentals alone, completion of our own education first is mandatory, as well as, for the sake of unity, working in conjunction with already established peace teachers. Such is the Sufi way.

It is imperative for us to seek the reality and truth of religion not only for ourselves but to assist others in seeing it for themselves also. This is done through human understanding and compassion, and not through presenting attitudes of contention and demand. For all of us, it is imperative that we have a heart that can see and feel for the hearts of others. The sole purpose and first practice of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), was that of "Rahmatun lil Alameen", to be a Mercy Unto All the Worlds. Fulfill this and we have truly accomplished our goal, and all peoples will come to hear more of the teachings of our faith. We teach best by example, and our faith and way of life was sent solely for the development of noble character, to add to the peace and harmony to the world. 

It is a religious imperative for Muslims to believe in the messages of peace brought by all the prophets, including and especially Jesus, and we do. His Second Coming is expected by us and it can be argued that it is now manifest in the resurrection of his teaching as found in the New Thought mission. He and his teachings of truth are duly revered by all Muslims, and the purer the manifestation of his teaching by the people professing them, the greater the respect, understanding and cooperation that can be expected from the people of Islam. After all, "Islam" is the imperative form of the word "peace", and is, in effect, the Command and the Way to Surrender. This is the same Surrender that is taught in New Thought Christianity and is the prevalent principle in all world faiths. Hence it is the Universal Salvation Principle, which is in keeping with the teachings of Islam. 

If we now view the teachings of Islam as the Spiritual Psychology of this Surrender, a way to further worship and gratitude for Surrendered people ("Surrendered" in Arabic is "Muslim"), then the study and understanding of the ideas and social practices of Islam will make much more sense to the West. Whereas if we view Islam, as many us do, as a religion of competitive demands, then its beauty, wisdom and guidance might well escape us.

Most Muslims understand both the spiritual implications of their religion and the commonality of their goals with the other faiths. It is for this higher "spiritual" education that the Sufis have existed within the peoples of Islam for centuries. They have carried and emphasize the true prophetic practice of peace, mercy, and love that the prophet, upon whom be God's Mercy and Blessings, imparted to a majority of his followers, who passed it along in private and in public, as circumstances allowed, throughout the generations. 

And now, amazingly, the teachings of the Sufis, very highly educated in the spiritual implications of their religious teachings, have caught on stupendously in the culture of the more inquisitive western mentality, while it appears that a form of spiritual complacency has enveloped the majority of the Muslims countries, as a result of their choosing to view themselves as underprivileged and striving to "better" themselves materially. Be this as it may and to whatever degree of truth, the only thing impeding the benevolence of other countries is a fear of what might happen if the Muslims ever rise to 'power' again. Qur`an states clearly why God chooses to withhold bounty from many, and it is exactly for fear of the mischief they might cause in the land. 

It is for this that we must work to instill in the people of all faiths the feelings of unity, friendship, brotherhood and compassion, which to date had been the work of the Sufi brotherhoods in the Muslim countries. And it now falls upon the Federation of World Class Teachers to properly understand the Sufi implications of the religion of Islam and the significance of the Spiritual Imperative and the common goal of all - that anger, outrage and aggression shall not rise again, and power, wealth and abundance may be fearlessly and gratefully shared. Muslims should not be too proud or arrogant to learn from others. The prophet (pbuh) taught that seeking knowledge is incumbent upon us from the cradle to the grave. He instructed us to seek it even if we were to travel to China. And after all, it is our proven and historical practice to do so. 

To facilitate this, western peaceworkkers must understand both the spiritual implications of their own faith and the basic terminologies of similarity in the language of Islam, Arabic. For this purpose I wish to explain some of the meanings common to both languages. Western peaceworkkers might also need to have some understanding of the sources of agitation coming from materialist interpretations of the religious teachings, which can sometimes lead ordinarily religious people to acts of anger, outrage and aggression.

"WE" are immensely powerful people. "WE" can easily control the "world". Because in the moment we release our fears and transform ourselves into our capable, divinely empowered Selves, we release that same capacity into the universe and make it all the easier for others to do the same. And as the numbers increase, the Power of Peace spreads, and the fear and fear-based reactive mind and thinking dissipates and disappears. 

"WE" (Ar. Nahnu) is the Mighty Name of Power that the Sufis and Muslims claim exists in the secret realm. it is for this reason that Allah (God) in the Qur`an uses it to refer to Himself so often. For "WE" are the Power of Allah, His Divine Representatives (khalifa) on earth. "WE" invite all around us to join us in heaven, and manifest it on earth. 

There is a well-known Hadith (tradition in Islam) of common knowledge among Muslims that the last day shall not come until there has been forty years of peace and the sun has risen in the West. Need I say more?