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Surrender Works
Deepening Your Surrender
Religious Unity
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Surrendered All (Muslim) to the Will of Allah (Unity)
and Bearing Witness to the Oneness and Divinity of All There Is
and to the Prophethood of Muhammad (SAW)

"Surrender is the Natural Way" (Islamic Tradition)
These pages are written for the Department of Peace,
Humanity's Team and The Federation of World Class Teachers,
which includes all New Thought Ministries,
Barbara Marx Hubbard, Dennis Kucinich, 
and ALL Spiritual Activists involved in bringing 
A Final and Permanent Peace to the World. 
This work is dedicated to Muslims (People Surrendered to God) everywhere. 
And I believe that excludes no one.
For when we are Surrendered to God, we are Surrendered to God - 

and Necessarily on the Side of Peace, Healing and Spiritual Unity,
no matter what language we say it in. 

For The Federation of World Class Teachers

The Future is Peace
(or there is no future)

"Good health and longevity are secondary effects
of the fundamental responsibility of a human life,
which is devotional submission to participation in the Divine Reality.
Communion with God is naturally regenerative."
Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj

Three Words
A Universal Understanding of Three Arabic Words
Al-llah!, Islam, Muslim
Three Principles
The Power of Esoteric Guidance

  - The Imperative of Spiritual Unity -
  - The Universal Salvation Principle -
  - The Psychology of Surrender -

The Confluence of Religious and Spiritual Teachings

For an expanded explanation of these simple words, their use and universal applicability,
please read Some Simple Definitions, Islam the Easy Way or The Flavor of Surrender.

"And Praise be to God for the Gift of Surrender, for Sufficient it is as a Gift." (Qur`an)