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This is More than A Clue

"Lord, I do give Thee thanks for the abundance that is mine."
Chant of Boundless Compassion

A History of Western Sufism - Andrew Rawlinson
The Anishinabe Legacy
The Seventh Prophecy, among other things, addresses the Light-Skinned People with two alternative paths: the Path of Desecration or the Path of Compassion.
Diamond Splitter Discourse
EFT-How to find the emotion that may be causing the pain ~ Chip Engelmann
The Golden Key by Emmet Fox
Hua Hu Ching ~ Lao Tsu
Somatic Wisdom Practices
The Magic Word by Robert Collier
Guilt is the Problem
Feminine Psychology By Roya Monajem, Tehran
A Macrobiotic Journey by Simon G. Brown
Tap and Be Rich
Mental Well-Being By Ann Boroch, N.D, C.Ht.
Relax with Yoga Nidra by Parveen Chopra
Guided Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh
The Six Attributes of Human Power
Author leon Uris to place his archive at UT's Ransom Center
Tracing the Principle of All-Sufficiency
A Brief History of The New Thought Movement
15 styles of Distorted Thinking
The Statement of Being - Emma Curtis Hopkins
The Twelve Powers of the Soul - Emma Curtis Hopkins
Just How to Awaken the Solar Plexus ~ by Elizabeth Towne - 1926
The Cause of our Problem ~
The Great Heart Mantra
The Certainty of Freedom  ~ by Vyaas Houston M.A.
Clarification of Personality by A. H. Almaas
The True Budo -  Uyeshiba of Aikido
Samyama and Samadhi Yoga ~
Bodhichitta and the Seven Points of Mind Training
The Four Noble Truths ~
Anapanasati ~ By Larry Rosenberg
The Three Bodies in Mahayana Budhism
Basic Esoterics of Tibetan Buddhism
Mind and Body
Towards A Universal Poin of View -  From Ibn Arabi - By Peter Young
The Merits of Contemplation  -  Sufi Traditions
The Dangers of Authoritarianism in Spiritual Development - by Laurence Galian
Transmission  by Abdullah Muzaffer al-Nimatullahi Laurence Galian
The Centrality of the Divine Feminine in Sufism ~ Laurence Galian
The Institution of Polygamy By Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad
Muslims Rethink Halal ~
Islamic Concerns / Halal Foods and Kids ~
Ancient Spiritual Discipline of Caucasus Mountains by Murat Yagan
Epistle on Cosmic Unification - Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi - Translated from the Arabic by Angela Jaffray
Secret of the Fountain of Youth - By: Denny Waxman
Malâmiyyah  Psycho-Spiritual Therapy by Patrick Laude
Selected Sufi Aphorisms
Introduction and Acknowledgments from LUMINOUS NIGHT'S JOURNEY (1995) by A.H. Almaas
"The universe is a luminosity, a transparency, a robe for you."
Truth vs. Falsehood
The Power off Paying Attention
- About Jon Kabat-Zinn by Mary Sykes Wylie and Rich Simon
The Difference Between Submission and Surrender
MindSight by Dan Siegel
The End of Innocence  by Dusty Miller
Emotional Alchemy  - Dr. J. Prinzvali
Chlorine and Heart Disease  - Gary Novak
Interview with the Coach of Humanity's Team
About "Invisible Leadership" by Rob Rabbin
Authentic Wisdom  - by Dr. Wayne Dyer
Health, Wealth and Happiness  - by Stephanie Relfe
Salt Water Clease
Cleansing the Liver and Gall Bladder  - Remove GallStones Naturally in 24 Hours
More on GB Cleanse from CureZone - Grandma Nada
Yet More on GB Cleanse from CureZone
Chinese Miracle Herb
Chinese Gall Bladder Formula
Our True Nature -  by Ligia Dantes
Elias on Fearfulness of Self
Elias Extracts
Truth About Vision Problems
The Unity of Medical Philosophies ~ by Ali Ansari
Truth About Water Healing  - by Dr. Batmangeldji
More on Water Cure from CureZone
The Danger of Canola Oil
More on the Danger of Canola Oil
Aspartame -  A Killer Food
The Science of Breath  - by B K S Iyengar
Curing Cancer - The Story of ESSIAC
MORE on Chinese Essiac
Surrender to Silence  by Eli Jaxon-Bear
One Straw Revolution - (Download PDF)


Being Present
The "destructive" power
Consciousness and Reiki
Its Role in the Healing Professions
Karma and Reiki
Books by Idries Shah
Books By Georges Ohsawa
US Constitution
Stephen Schwartz
Medical Nemesis
Ivan Illich