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It is hoped that this brief work will serve as the platform for communication between the Western Enlightenment Movement, so aptly represented by The Federation of World Class Teachers, and the understanding of Peace and World Harmony carried by the rest of the world in general and the Muslims in particular.

This work is an exposition of the true meaning and universal application of the three most commonly known and used Arabic words, Al-llah!, Islam and Muslim, and  the three active principles supportive and causative of the Spiritual Revolution. These three principles are: The Imperative of Spiritual Unity, The Universal Salvation Principle and The Psychology of Surrender. Together they are the real force of our esoteric guidance. 

The activity of these principles is unstoppable, for they are the direct power of God's intervention for the benevolent destiny of Humanity. These are the activities that we have all been praying for and to which the Surrendered are Surrendered. They are the Power Of We. For it is when we lend our energy to God's purpose that changes begin to manifest. The reality of these principles has always been in effect, but our conscious Surrender to them is catalyzing their acceleration, speeding their conclusion, and turning the world of conflicting religious beliefs into a world dominated by peace, love and co-operation. 

The negative effect of activity not in harmony with the peaceful needs of the world has it's benefit also in that it has shown us what the alternative to world peace and harmony is. The function of dysfunction is to increase intelligence. Let us say that our intelligence is rapidly increasing as old cells are dying and new ones are springing into an increasingly responsive and hospitable world. It's understanding the undesireable alternative that forces us to realize that The Future is Peace (or there is no Future).

Upon comprehending the "Three Words -Three Principles", we will then easily see and understand the Confluence of Religious, Scientific and Spiritual Teachings, which explains from the outward the Esoteric Guidance Principle found not only in the hearts of believers but also promised in the deep spiritual teachings of all religions. And this has to do with orienting our psychological preparation for the advent of Just World Governance.

It is this Esoteric Guidance Principle that is calling us inextricably to the destiny of our greatest potential. It is the knowing of our souls, calling us with love to the inevitability of our maximum fulfillment. Once we have Surrendered, the journey has both begun and ended. Look at the Surrender of one tiny man in ancient China called Lao Tsu, who wrote his little book called the Tao Te Ching. Now it is read and understood all over the world. Was his destiny not fulfilled? Did it not come from his Surrender? 

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