As each of us comes to realization, we realize that our individual manifestation of our realization counts. And not just because of the value of expression to each of us personally, but because we will be led to discover that the discoveries we are being led to discover are truly discoveries, and as such are significant contributions to human evolution and education. Hence we each teach from our experience. 

For example, I, being a spiritualist, have always been driven by my desire to know - to understand the "mysteries" of life - the "mystical" and universally true understandings of religions and particularly of Islam in the Sufi way. "Mystical" to me has always been defined as "that which I do not know", mysterious, until the light gets shed upon it. The "mysteries" of life are unknown, until they are investigated. 

This has always seemed of utmost practicality to me, because I somehow understood that if I did not complete my primary obligation to know God, I would always be remiss in that. And the nagging therefrom of my conscience would distract me from my wholehearted attention to anything "else", anyway. 

But even more attractive than that was the puzzling Sufi claim that All could indeed, in the reality of one life time, be known. That's way more than a neurotic under-achiever with a huge compensatory ego-need could ever resist, and the fact that it meant selling my life down the river of chance was small potatoes for such a large payoff. 

What's more, as I studied the claim more carefully, I came to understand that in spite of the fact that I could enter the path for all the "wrong" ego reasons, i.e. to get back, to say I told you so, to "prove" superiority and that I was right, etc., it was, nevertheless, the right thing to do, because in reality, we are releasing our need to be driven to our need to understand, and, in doing so, fulfilling the requirements of our ultimate destiny and our primary purpose in life and on earth. And that is to know God as He wishes us to know Him. 

The beauty of this is that in knowing God and because of the nature of the way He has created us, we get to know ourselves also, and thereby attain to the keys to a deep knowing of humanity and thereby to all knowledge. It is obviously not to say that one human brain could contain all the knowledge available to humanity. No, that's not what we mean. But there is a key to understanding all that we need to understand in any given moment. And the cost of that key is the sacrifice of our presumptions. 

It might be called total all out commitment to intuition in such a way that intuition is all there is and there is nothing left to judge it or to call it intuition. When we're living in intuition there is only the reality from which it comes. There is no longer the comparative judging mindset that refers to intuition as something "other". By the same token there is no longer the mindset that refers to soul as something "other", or to God as something "other". There is simply the reality of one's individual life, unfolding itself according to Divine plan, free of the influence of preferences. 

But in the "realized, or "enlightened" mind, the distinction is clear between the "reality" of one's individual life and the "illusion" of one's individual life. And while that distinction may not be clear to people still caught up in illusion, it is certainly very clear to the people who have done the work necessary to see through the illusion. And it is these people who by virtue of their ability to distinguish the truth and reality in themselves, are able to help other to distinguish it in themselves. This is the distinction above all other distinctions. This is the Philosopher's stone, the red Sulfur and the Midas touch, by which lead is transformed into gold. 

Freedom from illusion is the ultimate freedom. Knowledge of truth is the ultimate knowledge. 

It is taught by the Sufis that the fulfillment of your primary obligation to know God intimately is your primary obligation, and that after that, the ease of life and livelihood would appear in genuine form, not just another temporary respite. This is being demonstrated and proven by the progenitors and followers of the "Authentic Self" movement. It is the basis of peaceful co-existence and the foundation of lasting civilization. 

It is also taught that once you make the fulfillment of your primary obligation your primary obligation, it becomes easier and long distances are traversed quickly. 

Making it your primary obligation is your primary obligation. Now see how simple that is, but you will find that it is not easy, except to some. And it is the few to whom it is easy who should seek the training and confirmation of the Sufis, because it is they who will be able to help the others to whom it is not easy.