Most of my writing is for the Western mind interested in the parallels between Islamic Psychology and Healing and Western Psychology and Healing, attempting to clarify the Healing Relationship between Psychology, Spirituality and Physical Health. 

Islamic Psychology is about understanding the Spiritual Roots of Fundamentalism, the Real Islam, as practiced by the loving majority, and the Healing of Sufism, which is the body of teachings for the aspirants of Saintly behavior. These major segments can be understood as manifestations of the first three of the Seven Dynamics of the Self. They are respectively: 

  • the Nafsil Amarra, the demanding self, demanding that the world be the way it needs and wants it to be and denying that healing is possible or necessary - demanding outward change with threats and violence, while refusing inward change on religious grounds, 
  • the Nafsil Lawamma, the self-reproaching self, who studies religion for its true purpose and as it is meant to be studied, for self-correction, purification and proximity to God - not for world control through the use of force, punishment and shame, and 
  • the Nafsil Mulhamma, the inspired, believing self, knowing that religion and spirituality is the healing and the means to the real success. 
Western Psychology is all about Enlightenment, which is the Fourth Dynamic of the self. It is called in Arabic the Nafsil Mutma`inna, the fulfilled, spiritually Satisfied self. Its attainment is not easy and often requires work with the help and confirmation of a spiritual teacher. It is at this stage that we have actually learned how to learn and can genuinely understand. It is the requisite beginning of the Sufi path and all Real learning, because until the Heart is satisfied, faith will not settle into it, and all pretense to learning will be exactly that - pretense. It is only from this dynamic that we can genuinely make progress on the spiritual path of the Sufis, so it must be aided and recognized first. This is the "work" of healing.

Enlightenment is attainment (Self-realization) based upon understanding the relationship between Divinity, Psychology, True Surrender and Physical Health. It is the goal and the "work" of many paths and the Fourth Stage in the classical seven-stage pattern of spiritual growth laid out by the Sufis, which pattern is based upon their generations of personal experience and in-depth study and understanding of the significance of religion in general and the teachings of Islam in particular. Furthering this understanding becomes the interest and ongoing work of the enlightened masters in their continued quest for a deeper knowledge of the nature of Unity. 

To hear and accept this is the sign of preparedness for the 5th stage, which requires a renewed commitment to the school of Sufi Studies, and ends the emphasis on Surrender and the healing of the body of it's physical and emotional separation from the oneness of reality and begins the real process of learning and teaching - from "Islam" (Surrender) to "Iman" True Knowledge based Faith.  In many schools these distinctions are not made, as, being only distinctions, they are not considered relevant. They may, however, be of use in relating the Sufi path to other enlightenment schools. 

Self-Realization is the basic qualification for any spiritual teacher. It is only from it that one can bring others to it, and one's ability to stay in it will match and facilitate one's ability to deal with the difficulties of one's students in attaining it. This then becomes the "new work" - staying IN the Energy - Abidance - and offering the same opportunity to others. And what is "The Energy"? Enlightened Living - Living in the Light of Love and Peace from God.