You dwell not here but in Eternity. You travel but in dreams, while safe at home. ~ ACIM

Abidance in Arabic is Baqa`. Baqa` means permanence, establishment, permanence of abode, established, an established reality, a foundation, a fundamental base of operations, security, permanence and reality, a place from which to manifest love. 

It cannot be found in the worldly life and cannot be found by seeking, yet most people seek it in a worldly existence which is only a reflection of the truth of their quest.

Only a similitude of permanence can be established in this world because everything in life is consistently changing on all levels at all different velocities or rates of speed. Permanence can be recognized only in the spiritual world, and this simply because it is our Reality. When that permanence is determined, established and recognized to be the only real permanence, all purpose will shift and actions will come from that place only. They will then reflect the feeling of truth and reality that others seek, and success of outward accomplishment will ensue. 

Baqa`, or permanence, is a gift from Allah! We already have it! We need only to abide in it. And to do this we need only to maintain our conscious awareness of God, our God-Consciousness, and this means not allowing ourselves to fall back into the dream.

Because Allah is permanent, and this is without question, so is the manifestation of His creation that is beyond the time and space of worldly existence. And we are that manifestation. But by that I do not mean us as the temporary and transitory manifestation of this life, which is only a moment in which we may discover ourselves and choose to abide in the truth or ignore it and pursue the illusion. It is not that this temporary and transitory life is meaningless but that it is only a tool, a moment in eternity, by which we may gain knowledge of our transcendent nature. It is by means of this life that we gain our true recognition of God. It is by the very means of this life that we may learn to transcend it and know of and abide in our life forever in a garden not of our own making. That is why I say often that the purpose of life, death, and everything in between is Self- and God-realization. 

Once that transcendence is determined and established (baqa`), and that is the goal of all genuine effort, the life in this world becomes easy and is a gift, a trivial and insignificant, nevertheless substantial and respectable, indication of our real life. So seek, O seekers of God, your real life with Allah, and then let all "else", if there is an "else", be added unto you. For with this peace you have all peace, and without it you have no real peace at all. 

It is on this foundation of truth and permanence that a life of religion and spirituality can be built.

With Peace and Love