"But", you say, "Islam does not have any Doctrine of Original Sin". 

And I say, "Exactly, so why are so many Muslims (The preponderant majority, I observe) behaving towards Islam exactly in the same manner as Christians behave toward their religion?" 

And I say its because it is being, and has been, taught to them in exactly the same way.

And what do I mean by that?

The Muslim societies have completely adopted the west as a standard - with its questioning, exploratory language, and it scientific absolutism, and its ingrained religious values, which are unnoticeably inherent within the structure of the language itself. 

And since for a most part English (not Arabic) is the second and many times primary language to most of them, and the idea of "meaning" means "what does it mean in English", or "how would your translates that into English", the question of meaning depends a lot upon whom you are asking. 

And since the "masters of the English language are supposedly the English speaking people, and the English speaking people are historically a dominating race infused with Anglo-Saxon ethics and religious moral values primarily of the Medieval Christian persuasion, it is obvious that the definition of "meaning" will be both limited and colored by the limitations of the people or language being asked. So if the "meanings" of Arabic words in Qur`an are being delivered in English through the medium of English trained and thinking people, which includes the majority of Saudi Arabs, the limitations in understanding inherent within the translating (teaching) scholars and in the language, along with all of their internal predispositions to the coloring and feelings of Christianity, must necessarily be taken into account. 

And how can this be done except by the masters of the way who know from experience what the real meanings and goals of Islam are and can teach them from the inner heart experience in any language. These are the people who can set right the misunderstandings inherent in teaching Islam in a language colored by another religion or materialistic mindset. 

So now we are back to the problem of practicing Islam in a Christian culture and language and cleansing ourselves of a fundamentalist Christian influence.

Cleansing ourselves and our religion of a fundamentalist Christian influence.

Cleansing ourselves of our Christian influence has a lot to do with understanding the root of the "Original Sin" theory and how it plays out psychologically in daily and religious life. 

It also has to do with understanding the meaning of several Hadith (traditions) from Islam on this subject.