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Towards the Goal of Religious Understanding and World Peace and Unity

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I'm not asking for Religious Unity because it already exists, but for Religious Understanding. From Religious Understanding WILL arise Political Unity, because it is and will become truly evident that true religion (i.e. belief in God) is the only real politic. 

If the religious people of the world, who are by FAR, FAR, FAR the vast majority, continue in their demand for peace and freedom from tyranny, which they will, then they must succeed. And one thing that will stop any internal feuding with other believing groups is a simple, unified, universal religious understanding based on three words and three principles. The Federation of World Class Teachers will go a long way toward facilitating this Unity by incorporating this universally applicable understanding of three key Arabic words.

Understanding the Meaning of Three Simple Words in Arabic and English

Al-llah! = The One, There Can Only Be One True Divinity, "The Oneness" and The Beyond Oneness, the Prajna Paramita of the Buddhists, that in which the Buddha dwells, the Tao of the Taoists, and that to which we are all surrendered, willing or not, and from which we all reap our benefit. 

There are two meanings to this Oneness, A) the undeniable Oneness or Unity of Existence, and B) the equally undeniable and  ineffable Uniqueness of the Creative Force over and above the creation. These two meanings are commonly referred to in Arabic as "Wahdat ul-Wujood", the Oneness of Existence, and "Ahadiyyat" The Divine Right of Uniqueness. 

This is the same Oneness that the scientists observe, that the Taoists understand, that the Buddhists explore, to which the pantheon of the Vedas refer, and that all independent investigators discover.

We are either consciously aware of it or we are not. It is for each of us simply what is, and it is becoming obvious that it works for us to shift our love and attention to what is, otherwise we doom ourselves to always feeling "out of it".

So of this Oneness we can say, "love it or lose it". It is evident that we increase our intelligence, knowledge, love, wisdom and prosperity by staying in it. And we only increase our insanity by staying "out of it". 

Al-Islam = "The Surrender" - that which we all know and do, even when we are not asleep like a baby. Qur`an says we know this better than we know our own children. Surrender is to our own inescapable Oneness in Existence and in recognition of the Uniqueness of The Divinity over it. Surrender is to release our soul power and truly become all that we can be and are.

Muslim = "Surrendered" to the Oneness and the Uniqueness of God, Committed to the Surrender, and dedicated to PEACE ONLY, and to helping others. I define Muslim as "liberated and fulfilled through being consciously Surrendered, and following an inner guidance toward a unified and benevolent self-governance for the benefit of all people". 

This Surrender exists within us. So obviously people, when they are Surrendered, are already Muslim, or "in Islam", the State of Surrender, because that is the sole meaning of the word. And our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) taught simply that there are only two states (of being), that of Surrender and that of Conflict. 

And this is the teaching of Muslims that children are born in the state of Surrender, and that it is due to our environment and upbringing that we may leave it, and that it is our duty, quest and destiny to seek our way back to it. It is in this sense that the Holy Qur`an refers to our beloved Jesus (`Isa, peace be upon him) as a Muslim (i.e. Surrendered to the Will of God), and that the way he taught and teaches - to enter into the garden, innocent as little children in the kingdom of God's forgiveness - is this very Surrender (i.e. Islam).

In this simple understanding of our Natural Surrender lies the Universal Reality of Religious Unity, and its Imperative. We ARE, innately, Spiritual Unity, and consciously IN Spiritual Unity when we are aware of our Surrender.

We are also in Political Unity when we become aware of our Surrender. With the awareness of this Political Unity, enforced by the natural Power of Peace (POP), comes the confidence of our success in the quest for unified world government.

Surrender is the Imperative. The choice is ours. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

So, now that we are all unified and on the same page, so to speak, we can begin in earnest our quest for A Universal World Guidance. There are three simple principles to understand - The Imperative of Spiritual Unity, The Universal Salvation Principle and The Psychology of Surrender.


The Reality of our Spiritual Unity is that we ARE Spiritual Unity. 

The Imperative of Spiritual Unity is actually obvious. Without a recognition of Spiritual Unity in the outward through understanding and emphasizing the confluence of religious ideology expressed above, we continue to have the illusion of differences in the outward, which we then continue to try to overcome or bridge, so we have no unity in the outward due to the fact that we don't recognize and honor the truth that we DO already have unity in the inward. 

So first we must realize that our unity in the outward through Surrender to God is every bit as much a power and reality as our unity in the inward, and that we need to and are beginning to recognize it. If there is to be peace, and unity, and harmony, among the peoples of the planet, which exists already among the overwhelming majority, then this is the very peace, unity and harmony that must certainly be the main theme and teaching of all the world religions, which it is. 

Therefore it is Imperative that we explore the power of our commonality in Surrender, not of our differences or superiorities, and make it the central focus of our teaching, because it is the reality, will be the reality and must be made the reality. 

The Imperative of Spiritual Unity is exactly that, an imperative. We either recognize it, honor it and work within it, or we do not. If we do, then we are surely in sync with Divine Purpose and assured of our success. If we do not, then we are fractured, lacking in foresight and long-term confidence, and any successes achieved will be temporary, at best. The Persian word for fractured is "Shikasta", and Doris Lessing wrote an incredible book by the same name on the fate of a planet that had broken its bond with the "Sense of WE Feeling". 

It really is an imperative. We MUST - in the dual meaning of "absolutely need to" and "inevitably will" - surrender and come together in our oneness of Spiritual Unity. All religions and prophecies teach this, and the time is always now. And for those who don't, well, we all make our choices and thereby choose our destinies. 

The efforts that are presently being made in this direction are historical for humanity. Never before has there been such potential for genuine change in the nature of world political thought. Shifting godliness and fear/love of God into the political limelight is the work of all religions, and in one way or another, all spiritual paths. Converting ourselves first and then our family and friends to believers in the miracle of Surrender is the work we were all cut out for. It's innate within us. It's the work of true self-manifestation and the work of the truly realized. It is totally natural for us, once we have discovered this way of the peaceful heart, to want to convey its beauty and wisdom to those around us and to want to surround ourselves with fellow lovers of God, truth, self, healing and abundance. And of course, to share it with the world, rejoicing in the discovery that many, many people know this already and are only waiting for us to call or to hear their call. 

Surrender to Divine purpose is the known gateway to personal prosperity and world peace, both within our hearts and within our many mutual worlds. Doing it (surrendering) on our own is the principle of doing it together. 

Everything we want will come to us, quickly and easily 
through the immediately available Mercy of God. 

The time is now for world peace and we know that God wants us to give up the endless struggle for personal prosperity in a seemingly hostile and objecting world, and accept it as the easy way so that we can get on with our real work of helping others. 

Prosperity courses work because they are based on and convey this truth of the times. Make prosperity easy and you free yourself to do something with it. It's not so much what we do for our money as what we do with it. Even for those who think that they do not have any, when they shift their thinking to "what am I doing with my money" (and my life), they will see all the answers. God has made prosperity a key to our faith and easy for us for this very reason. He wants us to devote our energies and our resources to other matters than our outward selves and our own personal security. 

For professing Muslims, we are Surrendered and aware of our Surrender. We bear witness to our Surrender and to our awareness of our Surrender. We bear witness to our need and gratitude for guidance and to our willingness to follow it wherever it manifests. And we are saying all of that in our affirmation of the Unity of God and the Prophetic Guidance of Islam. This is the very bearing witness that we do in our daily lives and in our five times daily prayers.

Professing Muslims also claim that buried deeply within the teachings of our hearts in Surrender (Islam) can be found the perfect codes of personal behavior and social justice which, if implemented with dispassionate wisdom, can bring equity and harmony to humanity. Our quest then, is for the search and study of this code in preparation for its proper implementation at the hand of one trustworthy enough to be fair and just to all, even to the oppressor.

Merciless justice will never be supported by all, and if the world is to be a peaceful place, a belief in Merciful Justice must be established.


The Universal Salvation Principle is simply the Surrender. Allah says in Qur`an that Surrender is the debt of nature, and the true repayment of the human debt of gratitude to God is to Surrender to God and to seek and follow the guidance from God found among those who came before us in Surrender. 

This is the Surrender of which I have written so much. It is the Surrender of the innocent or new-born child. It is the Surrender that the beloved Messiah proclaimed to be the key to kingdom of heaven (on earth). It is the Surrender of the Muslims, the Christians, the Jews, the Buddhists, the Taoists, in fact of the ordinary person when he just plain gives up struggling. It is the Surrender of the believer in "Let go, let God". It is the simplest thing that we do in the everyday realization of our lives and when we go to sleep at night. It is our inevitable destiny. 

God did not create to punish, in spite of the fact that many people of faith believe otherwise due to their upbringing. But people are born in innocence. They do not have to accept any religion in order to go straight to heaven, but they may find themselves praying for wisdom and guidance in order to protect their innocence and that of their children. People need only live lives of natural goodness, love and caring. And even if they don't, God is forgiving, again and again. It is natural, when we see we're doing something wrong, to turn to God and repent. "I'm sorry, please excuse me, I won't do that again", means just that, in any language. It is this Surrender that our beloved prophet said children were naturally born into and their environment and upbringing made into them something different. Surrender is the Universal Salvation Principle, and quite honestly, I doubt that any of us knows whether we will die in Surrender or not. So who are we to judge others? 

Salvation AND Prosperity. What a concept. It is the very definition of Heaven and the Essence of Surrender. In Arabic the word for Success is "Falah". It is the second Compelling Word in the Muslim Call to Prayer, which is heard five times daily from every Mosque in the world. It is singularly the most mysterious and alluring call in the human experience. Everyone wants to know what it means. The first of the two Compelling Words in the call is "Salah", or "Prayerful Worship". Linking prayer and prosperity - doesn't that sound familiar?


The Psychology of Surrender is simply that surrendered and happy people still seek company and world peace. Once Surrendered we find ourselves curious and easily guided. In fact, many people practice Surrender simply because they believe in and want to find and follow their infallible source of inner guidance. Many have found it before us and claim that it will indeed lead us on the straightest path to our ultimate and most magnificent success. 

God knows that the Surrendered want and need guidance, both inwardly to their own best benefit, and outwardly to the perfection of humanity as a society, sharing in the abundant resources of a benevolent world. Is that not the heaven that we are promised, or at least the taste of better things to come?

Is not the search for guidance one of the purposes of Surrender? How could we heal the world without it? So on the next few pages I offer you the Heart and Soul of Islamic Eso- and Exo-terics on the subject of Universal Guidance, the Unity of Religions, a Unified World Politics, a Vision of the Future, and the Search and the Preparation for the outward Manifestation of Our Inner Guidance. 

As you will see, this is Our Universal Quest. This is the work in progress. But aren't we all?