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"The Creator has a Master Plan..." ~ John Coltrane ~


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A Master Plan - Are you Working From or Towards?

Are you working incrementally or do you have a master plan?

Incrementally means taking what comes and doing what you can with it.

A Master Plan means - do you know exactly how much money you are asking for and exactly what you will do with it in order to complete the entire project immediately?

Do you see it absolutely clearly, all the way through to its completion?

Are you working from completion, or are you working towards completion?

How can I give you everything you need if you cannot ask for it?

We can and certainly do think things into existence, but we must know completely what it is we want to think into existence and exactly, precisely how to make it happen.

Planning is Prayer (because you're creating - envisioning and working towards, developing -  an expected outcome). No Master Plan, No Prayer; No Prayer, No response.

It's that simple.


Money is POWER and it is as infinite as our dream, our ability to imagine what to do with it.

The lack of money has a purpose equal to the purpose of its presence.

It's not about what we do for money, but what we do with it. What does it do for us?

The absence of money is as powerful as its presence. Why would I want it until I'd learned its secret - and the secret of its absence?

If our dream or vision is in accordance with Divine will, then it must happen - it will happen. The thing visualized will manifest itself in form.

Money Consciousness is
not merely of the power of money or the powerless dream.

Is it Really our Power that we fear?
Money Consciousness gives us the awareness of our POWER to dream meaningful dreams and realize/materialize them. How many of us actually Do that - Meaningful dreaming as opposed to meaningless dreaming?

So! The question remains:

Do you have a Master Plan?


"I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, beautiful, loving, harmonious and happy"

"He who has learned to bring the greatest spiritual truths into touch with the so-called lesser things of life has discovered the secret of the solution of his problem."

"A Spiritual Soulution to Every Problem"

"The recognition of the marvelous power which is possessed by the mind under proper conditions and the fact that this power can be utilized, directed, and made available for the solution of every human problem is of transcendental importance."

"The composition of the part is the same as the whole."


Since true envisioning is the means to manifestation, obviously clarity of vision and manifestation go hand in hand. The 'empty' mind thinks "I'll believe it when I see it". The mindful person knows, "I'll see it when I believe it". If it is true "As you believe, so shall it be", then it stands to reason that we can bring something that already exists closer to us. "I believe it's true", said Alexander Graham Bell, Nicola Tesla, Thomas Jefferson, and most other great men who then went about to prove themselves right. "I believe it exists" say we who are desirous of a better life. And knowing that makes it more accessible.

But 'how' do we believe something into existence? By making it manifest - by making it perfectly clear, by bringing it into being. Hence the Master Plan. By manifesting its possibility and practicality. "Here's how it's possible, and here's its practicality and usefulness." Show those to anyone with money and you'll be making them an offer they cannot refuse. But you must have planned it out to every detail, with no stone unthunk.

No Master Plan implies lack of faith in the project, and this may indeed be the wisdom.

Money consciousness fits right into the plan, since money is the power to make a dream come true, and there is certainly no shortage of it, it again stands to reason that if the dream is complete, its possibility is assured. So, what is your dream, and have you thought it through? Mind you, it must be from the real in you to the real in you. Fanciful flights of imagination will be an amusing waste of time. But at the same time, it need not be "serious" and "gravely realistic" either. Extremes of bi-polar thinking are not of a permanent nature and therefore not solid grounds for wanting a thing into existence.

Money Consciousness is the awareness of having at your disposal all the money you need to complete a project. This awareness makes it easy for you to construct the really big dreams, which ease in turn allows you to focus on the practical aspects - the details -  of that dream. Frivolity is axiomatically discarded and realistic practicality becomes clear. This is important and an important function and development of and from money consciousness.

Money Consciousness allows you to focus on and refine your Master Plan. It also guarantees its completion, dependent upon your will to see it through.

The money holder (God) proposes to you the question of "Do you have a Master Plan?" Or. "If I gave you all the money you need to complete this project, what would you do with it?" This causes the shift of concern from what we do FOR money to what we do WITH money. This shift again emphasizes practicality and the need for the development of a Master Plan. However, the power behind money consciousness insists upon real and genuine consciousness of money. By that I mean, its voice will say to you, "Do you have a Master Plan? How can I give you all that you need if you do not know all that you need? If you cannot ask, it's a sign that you are not ready to receive."

Clear vision means exactly that, a clear vision - from inception to completion. Money consciousness demands it, for it is as important how you use the money as how you receive it. 

We can apply Wisdom, or the Wisdom Process, to the process of envisionment by understanding the three stages to completion. First we determine what it is we wish to envision, and then do the work of seeing it in its completion and determining how we got it there. It's kind of like reverse engineering. A Master Plan begins with the completed project, with the complete vision of the entire process to completion. It's a matter of knowing where you want to be, how soon do you want to be there, and what are you going to do to get there. In a word, envisionment.

Many people don't want to get anywhere, and want to do nothing, and that's quite OK. All things will be done. Ask and it is given. So don't assume that by my describing the process I'm implying something is missing in your life or that something needs to be done. No, it's quite to the contrary. It's only from a state of satisfaction that we can actually do the work of teaching, or learning, the way to understanding satisfaction and accomplishment.  Butů.

If you DO want something "more" out of life, if you DO want the satisfaction of accomplishment, here's the way to go about it.

Money consciousness aids envisionment. The two go hand in hand and assist each other. Money is the POWER of the dream, and envisionment is the power and the method to create meaningful, significant and real manifestations. And it comes from the Solar Plexus.

Money consciousness is the belief and awareness that there is more than enough substance to create anything you like. Money stands alone as a substance, but also represents all substance. This is the secret of money. You can imagine it and get some, simply by imagining it. But imagining it without purpose will not work. As nothing is wasted in the universe, everything must have its purpose. If a purpose is meant to be, it will come to pass and the means to its coming to pass will be provided.

How many of our intentions are simply reactions and not really construction? If it doesn't come to pass, or 'fails', it's simply that our intention was not correct. By not correct I mean motivated by other than the highest personal good. Since God has our ultimate perfection and happiness in mind, it behooves us to get in sync with the program and stop faking altruism and superficially 'good' intentions. This is where the "Work" comes in. and this is the purpose of deprivation, to get you to look at yourself.

If we are honest about our personal motivations and interests, that which is in our best interest will always come to pass. If it seems that things are not working out for us, it's an inspiration to investigate and get in sync with our true motives.

God says He will not change our outward circumstance until we get in touch with reality and investigate our inward beliefs and understandings. So the outward forces us to look inward, and that's where the secrets to all things are to be found. But we can do that. The beauty of this is that it is within the reach of every individual. Otherwise all good things seem to be forever out of reach, except to the 'special', hence the root of victim consciousness. So when we learn about Master Planning and we learn to think like a master, it ends our victim consciousness and we can attain our goals and learn and teach the secret of success to others.