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The Missing Element
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Throwing Down The Gauntlet
You focus on the Name as a Cure for the Reality,
but the Reality IS the Cure!

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The End of Argumentation and Doctrinal Domination


By Abdullah Muzaffer
©2003 Laurence Galian. All rights reserved.

ANA-l HAQQ - What Does it Mean, Really?
Does it mean that your self is all there is?
and that if you do not see yourself as the manifestation,
the Zahir of God, the Rahmatun lil `Alameen,
then you are setting up partners with God
by claiming that you are other?
And is that the hidden secret to the eternal life in the Garden,
that stays away from all but the truly Surrendered?
And how will we explain it otherwise?
Who has convinced us that truth is unacceptable?

And do I really need to listen to the Irate Voices that would get all righteous in the name of some doctrine and like to kill me for saying that in this world and the next the self is all there is for without it there is no God because the Reality, in order to be God, needs to have a reflection to know itself and see itself as a particle of the whole otherwise the whole could not be known, appreciated, praised and worshipped (see my poem "The Lonliness of God") - and want to declare my blood lawful on the basis of the Judgment against al-Hallaj which was really a judgment against the people who passed it?

How dare you say that?!
There's NOTHING missing in Sufism!
There's NOTHING missing in Islam!
Outrageous Claims!
The Missing Element is your link to the Truth,
your realization of God, not just your imagination.
The missing Element is your link to Al Mahdi, the "Hidden"
Guide of the Muslims, but more like "Forgotten".
The Missing Element is YOU!
But do you need me to tell you who you are?
Surrender To Truth - It's your only option.
Resistance is Futile! You Are Already Assimilated!
Where's the Smile?

Unveiling the Secret
The Spiritual Significance of my Manifestation
Who am "I" - The Id-Entity
Where Am "I"?
Why Am "I" Missing?
Why am "I" the Missing Element in Sufism?
Why Won't "I" Come Out?
If We Are All ONE, why will we not identify with the living?!
What's the Point of Life?
Bringing Peace and Harmony to Earth and Humanity.
Is it possible?
why is it not here already?
It's All So Obvious!

Personal Introduction -
Why I believe as I do.
The Zen Reality
Kwan Yin and The Bodhi Chitta
A New Reality
About the Hidden Imam Mahdi
Imam Mahdi - The Lost SOUL of Islam
"The Mahdi Is Within!" - Your Guide is Within you.
If you cannot comnnect then you are probably
still in the "Victim/Saviour" mode,
waiting for someone else to do it for you.
On "Getting It!" (done)
The Message (done)
The New Reality (done)
The Learning Process (done)
Radical Therapy
Addressing Avoidance
At Last! The Smile!