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Until you have given up your self to Him, you will not have a real self. ~ C. S. Lewis

The Principles of Natural Health


The Roots of Spiritual Psychotherapy
Healing our Sense of Separation

The Importance of Sufism
The Power of Our Beliefs
Realizing Spiritual Unity
The Cause & End of Suffering
The Cause of our Problem
On the Meaning of "Experience"
What in the World Are You Thinking About?

The Power of Spiritual Healing
What is Sufi Healing?

The Source of Frustration is Conflict
Building Relationships the Sufi Way
Healing in the Way of the Prophet (sas)
The Meaning and Reality of Forgiveness
Cancer as Unexpressed Complaint
Finding Our Inner Dignity
A Quick Note on Depression
The Power of Intention
The Power of Envisionment
Unity Teachings
Soul Mates
Your Greatest Need in Life

Finding Your Inner Adult Once and for All, How to Know Reality!