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ISTIKHARA - The Seeking of Good -
How to Write your own Destiny 

Our desire comes from our prior knowledge of Heaven.

The Never-Ending Quest for improvement of self and circumstance will only stop at Perfection.

But in an ever-evolving life such as this one, stopping is simply not possible. That's what keeps it evolving and growing. So Perfection becomes recognized as a direction, and its reality is held in place by Divinity, and stands on its own, not in need of the evolution toward it. Be that as it may, what human being do we know who stands not in need of something? So we might safely conjecture that ISTIKHARA, the Seeking of Good, is a function built in to each and every one of us. Innately, instinctually, a body never stops seeking its own good.

Judging this innate function only serves to vilify it, and sabotages any benefit from its inherent power. This is what the so-called 'unworthy' people do. Having been convinced of their unworthiness, they 'judge' the part of them that wants good for themselves as 'selfish', and therefore 'wrong', effectively crippling its function and thereby maintaining themselves in a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Do a quick test to see if you have this problem. Just think of "Tons of Money" and feel how your body reacts to the thought. Is it out of reach, never gonna happen, hopeless, fuggetaboutit ?  Is it "selfish of you" to "daydream" about having lots of money when there are so many other serious responsibilities that require greater attention?

If you find this to be the case, then it's clear that you are not paying adequate attention to your innate sense of self-sufficiency.

Properly understood, the unending function of our ISTIKHARA becomes what in contemporary presentation is called THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. But if we can get beneath the obfuscating explanations of LOA, which become a distraction in their own right, and understand ISTIKHARA as the innate and divinely created function within us, inherent in each and every human being, to seek its own Good, and realize with all of our experience that there is nothing we can do about it to change it or stop it or kill it or get rid of it in any way and that all attempts to do so are futile and actually only serve to strengthen it; and learn to do as our beloved teacher Jesus taught us - "Love thine enemy", and realize that what we are trying to enmify is actually our friend who is in reality only there to facilitate our happiness,
health and perfect well-being. If we can only recognize that and allow it to function, we'll become happy and fulfilled human beings. And that will bless the earth and chart the course for others to come out of fear and suffering, thus fulfilling our purpose of bringing Heaven to Earth, one person at a time.

But will we allow ourselves to be happy?

Only a perfect faith in God will establish in us the inalienable right to be happy. Because after all, what are we fighting against if not an imagined imperfection? How can we allow ourselves to be happy if we have somewhere within us the belief that God does not want us to be? And if we have learned to substitute our growly parents for God (as most of us have), then it becomes all the more believable that God wants us to sacrifice our freedom and happiness for the party line of "work hard, pay taxes, and die."

Only a Perfect Faith will give us the tools we need to create a perfect life for ourselves. If we believe that God has destined us for victimhood, then we are depriving ourselves of the power to realize differently. So correcting our faith in God is paramount to our success in life. For that reason does the Islamic call to prayer contain the line "hasten to your success, come to your prosperity."

it is for this reason that we are entitling this discourse "PERFECTION". Because within the world of spiritual studies, PERFECTION is one of the many concepts that demands comprehension, otherwise why would be be enjoined to seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave?


"The process of all healing is a definite, positive, mental attitude, an inner certitude, or a way of thinking called faith. Healing is due to a confident expectancy which acts as a powerful suggestion to the subconscious mind releasing its healing potency."


Faith is no accident - it can be perfected through self-education, direction, and healing. Your Faith is what you believe. And as you believe, so it shall be. It is your Faith that controls your destiny. If your Faith is in alignment with A Benevolent Reality, your benevolent outcome is certain. So be certain that what you believe is true. Perfect your Faith through constant Self Education. Feel yourself increasing in your Knowledge of God. We get what we expect. Because I KNOW God is Good, I see and receive only Good.

In order to receive good, don't focus on the good you wish to receive, focus on the knowing that God IS Good; on the Knowing of God. This can be learned. And from this, all and only Good will come to you. Take your mind off what you want, for that is already known by God. Focus your mind on the Knowing of God and receive instant illumination. The primary distortion to be overcome is that of a malevolent God.

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ISLAM: A Perfect Surrender
The Perfection of Surrender is Doing the Right Thing.

IMAN: A Perfect Faith
The Perfection of Faith is the Elimination of Malevolence.
If you believe, believe this:
"As you Believe, so shall it be."

A Perfect Healing

IHSAN: Perfection Itself
Perfection Itself is the Reality.
It begins with the Knowledge
of Eternal Health and Life Everlasting.
And as you believe, so shall it be.

IQAN: A Perfect Knowing