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ACIM: Psychotherapy: Purpose, Process and Practice

Quotes from A Course In Miracles

Come, Come, Whoever you Are

Sadvipras -Yamas and Niyamas

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Temple of Divine Mind

Healing with Science of Mind

Discovering the Miracle

Summary of A Course in Miracles

A History of the New Thought Movement

Scientific Christian Practice - Emma Curtis Hopkins

Rebirth by Joseph Murphy

Excerpts from Rebirth by Joseph Murphy

Oneness with God by Joseph Murphy

Meditation by Joseph Murphy

Jane Yarnall on Abundance

The Way to Personal Success

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The Explanation is the Cure

Emma Curtis Hopkins

The Message of Emma Curtis Hopkins

Bible Interpretations - excerpts

"God is my Good; my Good is God"

Can Disease Be Entirely Destroyed?

Quimby's Method of Treatment

The Golden Key by Emmet Fox

Divine Science

Newer Writings

Sufism, Enlightenment and the Veil of Unity

The Realities of Spirirual Psychotherapy

Realizing Spiritual Unity

The Power of Spiritual Healing

Building Relationships


The Power of Intention

Kids and Ego Developnent

The Quest for Power

Carbondale Diary

Deepening your Surrender

Sit in Your Power

Forgiveness in Islam? Where is it?

Once and for All, How to Know Reality!

The Power of Our Belief

The Cause and the End of Suffering

A New Thought for the Day

What in the world are you thinking about?

Your Greatest Need in Life

The Wisdom Process

Solving the Wisdom Problem

Iman - Personal Security

The Wisdom Process

Uniqueness - A Common Quality

Applying the Wisdom Process

Why it Doesn't Work!

The Love of Authority


MasterPlan - Plan For Life

Envisionment - How to Know your Destiny

Commnity Building in Islam

Uncovering the Dissatisfied Self

Finding Our Inner Dignity

The Zawiyya Project

Freedom from Freedom

On the Realities of Islamic Healing

Self Certification in Islam

Self Certification and Health

Health, Education & Welfare


The Process of Perfect Faith

Healing Separation


The Secret of Secrets

The World is not an Unenlightened Place

How to Find Your Way Back Home


Finding Peace with God

Sit in Your Power

Pure Land

Making Right


Who Cares? Health in Business

The Science of Sufi Healing


Freedom is from tyranny


The Sufi Secret


The Crucifixion of Al Hallaj

Some Sayings of Khwaja Baha'uddin Naqshband

Today's Quote


Selected Sufi Aphorisms


Ramadhan Sermon (SAS)

Healing Stories with EFT

Essential Ohsawa

Blessings of the Sacred Calendar


Ivan Illich


Introduction to Illich's Celebration of Awareness

Ivan Illich Dies at 76

1968 Cuernavaca speech


Introduction to Illich's Celebration of Awareness

Constitution for Cultural Revolution

Energy and Equity

Tools for Conviviality

Vernacular Values by Ivan Illich

Silence is a Commons by Ivan Illich

1988 The Educational enterprise in the Light of the Gospel

The Sad Loss of Gender - Ivan Illich

Brave New Biocracy

Ivan Illich with Jerry Brown

Ivan Illich on Leopold Kohr

Ivan Illich in conversation with Majid Rahnema

Spiritual Politics: Stephen Schwartz

Let America Be America the Liberator Again!

Let America Be America the Liberator Again!

Interview with Stephen Schwartz by Katie Bacon

The Dysfunctional House of Saud

Wahhabis in the Old Dominion

Democratic Roots in the Sand

Stephen Schwartz and The Two Faces of Islam

Rand Study

Healing Class

Healing Class

Healing Class

Increasing your Personal Magnetism

Increasing your Personal Magnetism2

Increasing your Personal Magnetism3




Recommended Reading

The Principles of Natural Health

Lesson One

The Power of Knowledge

The Power of Knowledge: Diet

The Power of Knowledge: Breathing

The Power of Knowledge: Contemplation

The Effective Principles of Cooking

Recommended Reading

Profiles in Homeopathy

Medicinal Use of Hemp Oil

Living with Cancer and EFT

Does it matter where I tap?

Clinic ~ My Office: For Your Heallth

About the Ten-week Self-Realization Course

The Hidden Treasure

A True Surrender

How Healing Works

Surrender - The Proven Way to Success

The Importance of Self-Realization

Conveying Reality

About Counseling

Why Free Counseling Works

The Secret of Success

The Smile of the BodhiChitta

Current Rates and Payment Plans
Studio ~ A Quiet Place for Self Study

Sitting with your Dissatisfaction

Reality Therapy and Radical Honesty

The Yoga of Weakness and Dejection

Intentional Contemplation


Doin' Your Homework!

Quick Fix?

Finding and Filling the Inner Void

Healing Couple - The Ancient Way

Spiritual Weight Loss

Relationship: The Process of Disentanglement


The Willingness to Experience Reality


To Thearpists

The Willingness to Experience Reality

Selling the Work

Avidya - The Absence of Personal Fulfillment

Polishing the Pearl - Forgiving the Abusive Personality

Yoga Teachings of a Dharma Bum

The Fulfillment of Desire

Soul Power

The Positive Negative

The Source of Frustration


The Samyama Process

Sense Of Separation

Healing Children - The Primary Mission Theory

What Kids Really Want

Cancer as Unresolved Complaint

How to Listen in the Healing Way

Vacation for Life

The Concept of "Vacation for Life"

How to Satisfy Desire through Trust and Knowledge of God
Khaniqa ~ A Sufi Retreat

Sufi Truths - Al-Adhan - The Call of the Essence

Sufi Truths - Four Essential Truths

On Saying the Holy Name - Al-llah!

HU! A Note on the Use of Masculine Gender

On Understanding the Nature of Divine Love

Unity and Uniqueness

On Ikhlas

On the Nature of Revelation

The Name is the Essence is the Reality

The Goal of All Religions

The Flavor of Surrender

Elements of Worship


Why do prayers need to be said in Arabic?

The Search for the Meaning of Forgiveness

Ramadhan Sermon (SAS)

Rich and Gracious Lives

The Principles and Importance of Spiritual Healing in Islam

Truth is the Essence of Healing

Finding Our Inner Dignity

On the Importance of Self Realization

Truth, Healing and Appropriate Behavior

Some Poems - Title Page

Some more Poems

Poem: the Loneliness of God

Poem: The Miracle

Poem: Lailatul Habib

Poem: O Mortal Majnun

Library ~ Books and PDF's

Understanding Religious Unity

Understanding Religious Unity - Introduction

The Future is Peace

The Confluence of Religious Teachings

Understanding Spiritual Unity - Some Simple Definitions

Islam - The Easy Way

Sufi Esoterics: The Flavor of Surrender

Three Words, Three Principles

The Sufi Approach to Islam


Islam and Modern Psychology

An Interview with Ali Ansari

Sufism and the Human Situation

Understanding Current Events and the Roots of Suicide

The Purpose of Struggle is to End Struggle

Understanding the Tradition of The Sunrise in the West

The Sufi Approach to Islam

Islam - The Easy Way

The Future is Peace

The Elements of Spiritual Psychology

The Unique Mistake - Assuming the Veil to be the Reality

Understanding Islam in the Context of World Events

More Important than Learning

Educating Muslims - The Way to World Peace

Alleviating Insanity - The Principles of Psychotherapeutics In Islam

Acceptance of Surrender- the Way of a true Muslim

The Importance of Eliminating Reaction

More on the Nature of Realization

The Road to Wisdom

On the Importance of Confession of Faith

Abidance - Finding the Heart and Staying in it

Guidance to Abidance

Harmonizing the Seven Selves

Abiding in the Peace and the Love

Prayer of the Prophet

Defining Elements of the Sufi Way

What Is Sufism

The Principles and Importance of Spiritual Healing in Islam

The Science of Health, Love and Religion

The Goals, Means and Realities of True Spiritual Healing

What Everyone Wants

What Everyone Wants

Why Islam: Spiritual Psychology & the Human Situation

Enlightenment and the Sufi Path

On Individual Realization

The Key to the Secret

A New Perspective on the Origin and Healing of Depression

Towards A Universal Psychotherapy

he Doctrine of Original Sin in Islam

The Importance of Self-Realization

Elements of Sufi Healing

A Personal Note

A Sufi's Knowledge of God

An Introduction to Sufi Healing

A New Perspective on the Origin and Healing of Depression

Healing the Body through Healing the Heart

Fundamental of Health - God, Force, Water, Food and Energy

Transformational Psychology 101

Superior Means - Spiritual Healing in Corporate America

The Sufi Secret to Perfect Health

Journey to the Soul of Truth

The Switch

Soul Time

The Secret of Success

Faqr Fakhri - Poverty is my Pride

Understanding Energy

The Awareness is Allah's

A Superior Means

An Invitation to Surrender

Thought Field Therapy

Knowing the World to be but a Reflection of How We See Ourselves in it.

Knowing What You Do

On Fulfillment

On Pain - and Self Interest

A New Perspective on the Origin and Healing of Depression

Something for Everybody

Healing Fast and Healing Slow

Transformational Psychology 101

The Poem - with Commentary

Blocking the Memory

The Unburdened Soul

The Benefits of Company in the Sufi Way

On the Clarification of Soul and Ego

The Sufi Creed for Responsible Liberation

Recognition - Definition

Humility - How Do You See the World?

The Poem - How Do you See The World?

Figuring it Out

Health and Truth

On Resistance

On Self Expression

Non-Duality is not Unity

The Sacred Chambers: Where Holy meets Profane

Company in Divine Presence

50 percent

The Panic Factor

The Sufi Secret of Perfect Health

A Sufi's Knowledge of God


The Ranks of Understanding

On Pride

How Many Ways to Know God

Understanding the East and the West

The Point - Theistic Monism


Latest Writings

Esoterics of the Sufi Way

Preface to Sufi Esoterics

Sufi Esoterics: Introduction

The Role of Sufism in Contemporary Society

Qurbat - Nearness to God, The Goal of Sufism

The Gnostic Claim - God IS Knowable

Sufism: The Science of Perfecting Awareness

Sufi Esoterics: The Islam of the Sufi Master

Barakah - The Magnetic Dynamics of the Blessing

Sufi Esoterics: Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim

Sufi Esoterics:The Classical Learning Process

The Practice of Remembrance (Dhikr)

Sufi Esoterics: the meaning of La ilaha illa 'llah

The Realms of Existence

Sufi Esoterics: Classical Applications of Energy Healing

The Healing Power of Conscious Recognition

Sufi Esoterics: Compassion, Understanding and Help

The Dynamics of Charity

`Asrar ul-Quddus: (Secrets of the Divine)

Esoterics of Divine Permission (`Idhn)

The Healing Power of Intention

Sufi Esoterics: The Flavor of Surrender

True Love = Surrender

Extended Mission, Purpose and Title

Understanding the East and the West

Muslim Interest in Western Spirituality

Psychology Of Islam

The Psychology of Islam in the Context of World Events

The History of Terror in Islam

Islam - Submission or Surrender

Open Letter to a Fundamentalist Imam

A Response to Fear

Obedience and Pretense

The Super Ego: Psychic Tyranny and Holy Aggression

Identifying and Purging the Influences of Shame and Guilt

The True Meaning of Tawheed

Historical and Contemporary Importance of Sufism

The Transformation of Sin into Blessing

The Quest for Innocence

Smashing the Idols in the Ka`abah of your Heart

Overcoming Disbelief

Discovering the Heart of Gold

The Psychology of Surrender

Islam and World Peace

The Shift

The Shadow Revolt

The Personal Revolution

The Enneagram and Progressive Spiritual Psychology

Individuation into a Perfect World

On the Beauty of the Sunrise in the West

The Battle of Beliefs

Seeing Through the Veil of Unity


Islam and the West: Relationship of Revelation and Religion to Spiritual Psychology

On Chopping Wood and Carrying Water

A Future in Peace: a Call to Spiritual Teachers

The Spiritual Quest of Iran


The Agreement of Religious People

The Meaning of "Imamaiyya"

Confluence of Religious Teachings

The Spiritual Quest of Iran

The Missing Element in Sufism

The Challenge - Throwing Down the Gauntlet

Is Unity Possible?

The End of Argumentation and Doctrinal Domination

A Personal Introduction

The Samyama Process

Dangers of Authoritarianism

DreamBuilders: Engendering Spiritual Enthusiasm in the American Workforce

Superior Means - Spiritual Healing in Corporate America

1. Practical Spirituality in American Business

2. Engendering Spiritual Enthusiasm in the American Workforce

3. Intellectual Capital and Pre-emptive Empowerment

4. Employee Satisfaction - The True Measure of Success

5. The Reality of Spiritual Alignment

6. How Savvy Employers Get the Best from their Workforce

7. Dreambuilders: At the Heart of Every Corporate Success

8. Computer Networks - Perfecting the Business Workflow

9. Realizing the True Value of Intranet Technology

10. The Evolution of Dreambuilders (From Network Development to Dreambuilding)

11. System Developers for the 21st Century

Need more Evidence?

Important Articles, Magazines and Websites

Noteworthy Quotations

The Seven Radical Rules for Business Success - Gay Hendricks

The Technical Architect

Excerpts- Title Page

Why Intranets

Ten Important Points for Intranet Success

Best Practices For Developing and Supporting Enterprisewide Intranets

Excerpt - Avoiding Intranet Chaos


Two Different Ways to Sell the Intranet to Your Organization

Imports ~ Great Things from Others

How to find the emotion that may be causing the pain

The Golden Key by Emmet Fox

Hua Hu Ching

Changing Personal History - Self Hypnosis by Charlie Badenhop

The Magic Word by Robert Collier

guilt is the problem

Feminine Psychology

Modern Day Macrobiotics

Tap and Be Rich

Mental Well-Being

Relax with Yoga Nidra

Mind it by Thich Nhat Hanh

The Six Attributes of Human Power

Author leon Uris to place his archive at UT's Ransom Center

Tracing the Principle of All-Sufficiency

A Brief History of The New Thought Movement

15 styles of Distorted Thinking


The Twelve Powers of the Soul

Just How to Awaken the Solar Plexus

The Cause of our Problem

The Great Heart Mantra

The Certainty of Freedom

Clarification of Peersonality

Uyeshiba on The True Budo

Samyama and Samadhi Yoga

Bodhichitta and the Seven Points of Mind Training



Trikaya - The Three Bodies in Mahayana Buddhism


Mind and Body

Ibn 'Arabi: Towards a Universal Point of View by Peter Young

The Merits of Contemplation

Dangers of Authoritarianism by Laurence Galian


Centrality of the Divine Femenine id Sufism

Ancient Spiritual Discipline of Caucasus Mountains

Epistle on Cosmic Unification - Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi

Secret of the Fountain of Youth By: Denny Waxman

Malâmiyyah Psycho-Spiritual Therapy

Selected Sufi Aphorisms

Luminous Night's Journey

Submission or Surrender

The Meaning of Same-Sex Attraction


Laser Reiki - The Assembly Of Cosmic Energetic Healing

The bright and radiant future of macrobiotics


The End of Innocence

Emotional Alchemy - by Dr. Jodi Prinzvali

The Coach Of Humanitys Team

Authentic Wisdom - by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Our True Nature - Ligia Dantes

Elias on Fearfulness

Elias Extracts

The Unity of Medical Philosophies - by Ali Ansari

About Water Therapy: Dr. Batmangeldji

Rape in a Different Guise - The Canola Story

The Science of Breath - By B.K.S. Iyengar

Surrender to Silence

Internet Research

Being Present by John Veltheim

The destructive power of Reiki by Esther Veltheim

Consciousness and Reiki - by John Veltheim

Reiki - its Role in the Healing Professions - by John Veltheim

Karma and Reiki - by John Veltheim

Recommended Reading

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