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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Surrender Works!
Reality Heals!
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  Focusing on the Cause, the Cure,
and the Transformation of Dissatisfaction

Understanding Reality Therapy &
Training for Transformational Therapists!

My fourth "Major" evolved from my interest in Energy Healing and Emotional Alchemy. It has to do with investigating and understanding the origins of our emotions and the roles that they play in causing and anchoring dis-ease. I've become convinced that this is the most important and current field in Spiritual and Medical Investigation. The "Space Within" is the final frontier. So my continuing investigation has focused on what are commonly called "The Issues".

And addressing the "Issues" in the tradition of Spiritual Healing and Self-Realization, I reached the conclusion that the "issues" are not the issue. What I mean by this is - the root core of our dissatisfaction is dissatisfaction itself -it is not whatever we feel we are dissatisfied about, but that we are dissatisfied at all.

Transforming Dissatisfaction

Isn't it obvious that many of us are simply afraid of our feelings. We are petrified, unable and unwilling to feel. Yet experience has proven that the feelings themselves, even though we are afraid of them, are nothing to be afraid of. What causes us the most difficulty in out lives is how we respond to them - our judgments around them, or, how we feel about how we feel.

Which leads me to conclude that the work and beginning of perfect healing is coming to be able to sit with and feel our dissatisfaction. If we cannot tolerate it then we cannot feel it, and if we cannot feel it then how can we heal it? The "Zen" of healing would say, "If you cannot sit with your feeings then you cannot be conscious of your enlightenment, grasshopper".

And in the tradition of Radical Therapy I say, "Anything but that is self-abuse."



Our Root Motivation: To Feel
Alive and Whole-
We Want to Feel GOOD: Whole and Alive!
Connected with Our Soul and Source
at the Base of our Being.

The MEANS is Our Quest: It is Our Emptiness -
To Find and Fill Our Inner Void,
Fearlessly Find the Hole, Sit with it,
and Let it Fill from Within Itself.

Our Origin and Destination: Bliss -
Deep Realization and Satisfaction-Based Happiness -
Coming from it, Finding it and Going to it.
Don't Search for it - Resolve the Distraction;
Learn to Rule the Unruly Child that wreaks Havoc in Our Lives.

Our Means: Reality -
True and Perfect Thoughts of God
Radical Honesty, Stillness and Silence -
Leads to Understanding our Anxieties
and Transforming our Fears.

Our Support: Practice -
Self Control and Increased Awareness -
Acquiring A Disciplined Consciousness Through Controlled Breathing

Finding and Sitting in Emptiness Leads to Fearlessness,
Feeling Bliss and Experiencing Reality, so Practice it.

Four Essays Explaining
The Fundamental Principles of Healing with Mindfulness

Sitting With Your Dissatisfaction
The Fundamental Principle of Healing Ourselves with Mindfulness

Reality Therapy and Radical Honesty
Reaching Your Personal Reality

The Yoga of Weakness and Dejection
Completely Disempowered and Thouroughly Educated

The Healing Power of Intentional Contemplation
Healing Yourself & Others with Mindfulness & Insight

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