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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Surrender Works!
Written in January, 2006
Solving The
Wisdom Problem

It's not a Money Problem, it's a Wisdom Problem
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My intention is to influence belief away from materiality into transcendence.
It's the transcendent power and the world in which it exists where the real work is done
and the lasting decisions made. It's the transcendent power that truly accomplishes,
for if a thing is not first decreed in the transcendent, it cannot come into being.
It's the agreement of our souls that causes manifestation.
Our souls have agreed upon the need for material comfort,
and extravagance has been performed extravagantly,
but moderation has been decided upon
as most effective for our purpose.

The Nature of Wisdom
Understanding of Perfection
It's not a Money Problem, it's a Wisdom Problem

The Love of Authority
"For the people in need of the authoritarian father figure of perfection there can be some easy and serious disillusionment. Real masters establish the disillusionment first, -simply so that the seeker will not put anyone on any pedestal at all - and are ensuingly rejected by students more dedicated to the search for a father figure or love interest than a real teacher."

Iman - Personal Security

The Wisdom Process
Contemplate Completion!
The Process of Accomplishment

Marketing Dreams
Finding what you don't have

Marketing Truth
Keeping the Love you've got!

Self Realization is How to Serve God

Why Nothing Works - The Missing Link

Manifestation through Envisionment
Vision plus Effort equals Prayer